ICC Test

2021 Training Starts April / May

General Information / Test Details:

Basic Boarding Itinerary Information:

Arrival/Embarkation Times:

Our “ICC Test Day” commence at 9:00am.

If taking the ICC test on your own boat we will get started almost straight away after some quick paper work. 

If using one of our yachts we will have to carry out a bit more paper work. There is a choice of a damage waiver £300 or you can pay a damage deposit for the yacht. 

This must be done with ourselves on arrival, as this is a test scenario we are not able to teach whilst onboard, we will do our best to avoid any damages but as we are only there to observe the test procedure any damage waivers or yacht deposits must be paid by the person sitting there ICC test.

Where Do We Meet The Instructor?

We request that you are moored with access to your yacht by foot as some safety gear may be required to be brought onboard if courses are being taken. (This will be discussed once booked via email).

If using one of our training yachts confirmation of the dock within the marina will be sent closer to the day of boarding. 

We ask that you turn up to meet the instructor earlier around 8/8:30am to make sure you can find each other in the marina. Any marina fees and yacht expenses are the responsibility of the the boat owner / booker and not the instructor.  

Crew Lists / Tourist Tax Requirements:

Please make sure the instructor is added to any crew list before boarding and this can be shown to the instructor on boarding and any tourist tax is paid by the boat owner in advance – This is the responsibility of the boat owner and not the instructor. However the instructor will not board the yacht until it has been paid or agreement has been made.

Tourist Tax on our yachts will cost 10kn per day and is payable in cash on the first day. 

Instructor details / information will be forwarded 7 days prior to boarding. 

Cancellations / Refunds:

  1. Cancellations from the boat owner within 90 days of booking for any reason will receive 0% refund for Yacht Sail Training Booking. 
  2. In the unfortunate event Yacht Sail Training has to cancel the instructor hire. We will offer a full refund OR an alternative date. it is then up to the boat owner to decide if this is acceptable. 
  3. We aim to start all RYA Instructor Hire at the allotted time given. However as the instructor may be required to fly in if there is a delay in transit to the marina Yacht Sail Training will be allowed 48 hours grace period before a full refund or cancellation is given to the boat owner / booker.
  4. No refunds are given for unused nights ashore on non residential bookings as hotels may have already been booked. 

What Islands Do You Normally Train Around?

The training ground we usually use include: Brac, Hvar, Solta, Pakleni Islands, Scedro, Vis and Korcula. (Please note in a you will not get to visit them all if any during an ICC test).

Food Onboard: 

Please bring a packed lunch and any drinks required with you for the day. 


If booking more than 1 day – Evenings: We will either be in a new port, marina or harbour, spending the night on anchor or we will return to our home port this can be discussed with the instructor on day 1. 

  • If there are no facilities to eat ashore provisions to make food onboard must be supplied. 

(This is all depending on the weather and the particular course structure required for your chosen syllabus).

Boarding / Disembarkation: 

Disembarkation: The yacht must return to home port at 16:00 on the last day of the ICC Testing and the instructor should be able to leave the yacht at 17:00 hours on the last day.

Please make sure all fuel refills if required are completed before these times.  (Our own training yachts will require refuelled before returned to the marina)

Often we find the instructor will enjoy an end of course beverage with yourselves, if they have time and if you wish to join them.

Travel to and from Split: 

We recommend using the following websites:




Booking.com or Airbnb.com 

Best arrival airports are: Split / Dubrovnik (if travelling to Dubrovnik there is a connecting ferry or bus to Split which takes approximately 4.5 hours. Split Airport and Split Ferry port is located approximately 15 minutes drive away with regular bus services and taxi’s also available. We recommend using Uber taxis.

Yacht Sail Training offers a full range of courses with new courses and dates added regularly.

We offer RYA courses for individuals, groups and families onboard YST’s well maintained yachts, on your own bareboat charter yacht or even your personal private yacht. 
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