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3                                              Yacht Sail Training Centre & Aims

3 & 4                                       How the Aims are achieved

5                                              Child Protection

6                                              Health & Safety Policies

6 – 8                                        Practical & Theory Courses

9                                              School Sailing Yachts, a Beneteau Oceanis 48.


Operational Area


RYA Training Checklist (see ‘Sail Yacht Training’ File)

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Complaints Procedure 

Yacht Sail TrainingCourses

Emergency Action Plan

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Yacht Sail TrainingAccident Report Form

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Stowage Plans – Below & on deck

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Are You Ready for Sea?

Risk Assessment (see Training Manual)

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Sail Training Centre

Yacht Sail Training aims to make sailing in Croatia safer and more enjoyable. Yacht Sail Training plans to run a RYA training Centre that will give practical and shorebased learning to the high standards the RYA is known for the school will be owned and operated by Jonathan Colwell & Geoffrey Woodcock, both of whom have a good knowledge of sailing from their current operations in running a successful charter business. We plan to achieve;



·     A safe and welcoming environment

  • Tuition for all ages and pockets
  • Practical weeks and tuition on high quality sailing yachts
  • Theory Courses in a modern, comfortable air conditioned building which is also warm & cosy even during the winter months.
  • Full and up to date information via website

·     And of course a bit of fun and enjoyment on the way to achieving this.



How is this done?


Yacht Sail Training is striving to become a training centre recognised by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and are looking to be authorised to deliver their courses to aspiring sailors or anyone who wishes to improve their knowledge of this broad topic. In short, to those who ‘have the bug’ and those who are yet to find sailing.


In Theory


We have a choice of two venues in the early stages of development for our training classes both provide offices with all the facilities required to run courses including flip charts, video, projectors tea/coffee stations and a private room for up to 8 people, located in the heart of Split with ample car parking space for theory classes. These will be run in airconditioned and comfortable learning environments which the classroom space we are able to rent by the day or week.


  1. WIP – 147 Velebitska ulica, Split, Croatia –
  2. Amosfera – R. Boškovića 20/2, 21000 Split, Croatia –

Classes we aim to run range from RYA Day Skipper, Coastal Yachtmaster, VHF, and Radar to Ocean Sailing.

Theory classes and we aim to offer delivery of these courses all through the year with even ‘tailored tuition’ available for people who require it more urgently when time permits instructors.

In Practice

Based at Kastella marina, ‘Yacht Sail training Vessels’ will be the used for school work. A 14.9 metre Beneteau Oceanis 48 sailing yacht, a make well known for its quality and steadiness and comfort for med sailing.

Sailors take courses daytime or stay aboard and have the facilities of probably the best equipped marina in the area including showers, cafes, swimming pool and  chandlers this really is one of the hotspots for learning new skills.

Kastella marina is situated between Split main international airport and Split city centre and by the coast is only a few km from Split, the major city in the area. RYA sailing courses are confined to the area between Trogir / Kastella / Split / Brac, Solta, Hvar and Vis island, other mile building trips of a much longer distance will be available from time to time.

The main sailing season is from March to October, although a limited amount practical tuition will be available throughout the winter and spring months, weather permitting.

Course Delivery

Most are courses will be given by Marcus Caston (RYA Yachtmaster Instructor – Practical & Theory) or Peter Inglis (RYA Yachtmaster Examiner / theory instructor) depending on the course, Jonathan Colwell (Commercial Yachtmaster Ocean) will be working towards his cruising instructor license in the coming months of opening to add extra support and we will look to bring on other instructors when the need arises (for both practical and theory courses), and RYA Instructor for both theory and practical. Jonathan Colwell & Geoffrey Woodcock have both sailed extensively around the area’, Jonathan began with a cruising and James cook training vessel in the North East but has built up, over 20,000 sea miles 

with months at sea which have taken him all around the Mediterranean, across the bay of Biscay from Puerto Rico to the Azores and almost all the way around Britain. In 2017 Jonathan completed his Ocean qualifying trip from Puerto Rico to the Azores, enjoying the turtles, dolphins, flying fish and a whale on the way (not eating, of course!)

Our chief instructor Marcus Caston has sailed all over the world training and completing deliveries and delivering RYA courses and in other instances, a qualified Instructor is employed.

Setup and Go

The school is to be set-up and will be managed by Jonathan Colwell & Geoffrey Woodcock with the guidance of Marcus Caston & Peter Inglis. Overheads, and prices, are kept to a minimum (and when the required threshold is met will be VAT chargeable) Jonathan Colwell is the Principal and Marcus Caston, Yachtmaster, is appointed Chief Instructor.

All bookings, correspondence and queries are dealt with by Jonathan Colwell & Geoffrey Woodcock, who will both actively monitor Yacht Sail training email account [email protected].

Jonathan and Geoffrey have made many contacts with crew, charter offices, marinas and business in the area, but we plan to operate as a completely independent identity. Geoffrey started Med Sailing Holidays Charter company approximately 4 years ago and has invested wisely in a modern fleet of 3 Beneteau Oceanis 48s (2014 & 2015 models) that he puts into private bareboat charter when they are not used for his own businesses.  However, most Courses which are determined by the RYA, for which Marcus Caston and Peter Inglis have had extensive training in both the practical and the theory spheres, Jonathan has also gone through his studies with the RYA up to Yacht master Ocean so has a strong understanding of the course structures and delivery.

Course Numbers

These can be anything from one to ten. With low costs, a course can still be viable with only a few. 

In the case of VHF, we plan to obtain eight training sets and consider one per set necessary for proper training. Radar is also limited to five but Day Skipper Theory can go to ten. Higher ratios would not receive proper attention.

For practical’s the boat will take no more than 10 and is commercially coded for 10 persons maximum, including the instructor however courses would be limited to the required numbers the RYA requires.

The vessels have undergone the rigours of commercial coding and are rated as ‘Category 2’, allowing a maximum distance from a safe haven of 60 nautical miles.

Child Protection

Children, under the age of 18, are welcome but this is only possible when a parent accompanies and accepts responsibility, in writing, for their personal welfare. All instructors working with children will be CRB checked out however we would mention that parents may consider for teaching they might best learn in the company of others of their own age on a larger vessel with more crew, we aim to give practical and theory course mainly to over 18’s.

What to Expect

For both theory and practical courses you will be expected to complete a booking form. This will give your details and an emergency contact number. The practical form will ask you to sign a health declaration.

Either a deposit will be requested or the whole fee at the time of booking. Bookings cannot be confirmed until this has been received. If the student has to cancel then the deposit would be forfeit, unless a replacement can be found although a humane approach is taken.

Courses may be postponed because of weather (from time to time) or lack of numbers (rarely), and a full refund would be granted.

Safety briefings come first and any medical conditions relevant declared e.g. if you have just had an operation, then I would not ask you to bend down.

A limited supply of sailing gear is available to hire. Good outdoor clothing is usually adequate for a daytime course, typically 0930 – 1700hrs. You can then warm up in the shoreside facilities at port on an evening alternatively if required cool down in the Adriatic after an enjoyable days sailing.

Learn about Safety – Be Safe and Stay Safe

Practical sailing is not, let’s face it, a fully safe activity!

Special care is therefore needed before setting out on the water and students can expect full safety briefings. A Risk Assessment is integral to this document and will be regularly updated. 

Yacht Sail Training will be checked annually by the RYA, with particular attention to this subject. The boats have all the safety gear and possesses the means to call for assistance e.g. VHF, flares, hand signals etc.

The weather is the main determining factor when making the decision to go to sea. What may seem to be safe inside the marina may not be so beyond the marina break water OR outside the Kastella bay. The Instructor will have the decision to make, as well as the direction to take.


Unless specifically stated otherwise, you will be within normal mobile phone reception. Opportunities will be given for you to make contact with friends and family. If they have difficulty in reaching you in an emergency they can call my shore contact on +44 (0) 191 222 0212 or +44 (0) 7401 872 889, One of the carter offices we work closely with may also be able to assist in communication if urgent – NOA Yachting: Tel: +385 21 222 506 (who are based in Kastella Marina)

Yacht Sail TrainingCourses

A comprehensive selection of Courses, both RYA and non RYA, will be offered. These are briefly outlined below, with further information, a syllabus and prices in the Appendix or will be available on the website www.YachtSailTraining.comOnce recognition has been granted.

RYA Courses


                  Start Yachting

                      A two day introduction for the absolute beginner – we go off and enjoy ourselves!

                  Competent Crew

                       A five day course living onboard a sailing yacht to become a useful crew member.

                  Day Skipper

                      Also five days onboard with prior knowledge and skills needed. To become able to be a

                       skipper of a small yacht in familiar waters, by day.

                  Coastal Skipper

                       For the experienced, a challenging course to become able to skipper a yacht on coastal

                      Passages by day or night

Shore based

                   Essential Navigation & Seamanship

                       An online Course for you to do on your own laptop whilst delayed in an airport. 

                      This will give you basic knowledge of navigation and safety

                  Day Skipper

                       For the autumn and winter to lead you into the practical version, then charter a boat to

‘enjoy’ all the experiences sailing has to offer. The starting point for many students to                           acquire a basic knowledge of seamanship and navigation

                  Coastal Skipper & Yachtmaster Offshore

The advanced theory course, for the aspiring Yachtmaster. Navigation is taught in more detail. Meteorology is looked at in more depth and vessel stabilities are compared.

                  Yachtmaster Ocean

Celestial navigation and the use of the sextant are taught, together with stormy weather worldwide and planning for a long passage. In the days of electronic navigation, these are skills to help you sail by the stars.

RYA One Day Shore-based

                   First Aid

For small craft skippers and valid for three years. Learn CPR and how to deal with injuries, heart attacks, bleeding and other emergencies at sea. A necessary ticket for Yachtmasters.

                  VHF Short Range Certificate

A one day, or two evening, course with use of real VHF sets. Learn to press the distress button and what follows. Also a requirement for Yachtmasters and many charterers.


If you have a set either turn it off or learn how to use it. You could be held responsible if you are involved in an incident and misuse your radar. A one day/two evening course with special emphasis on collision avoidance.

Planned Non RYA Practical Courses and Trips

                    Practical Crewing

A three day, 0930 – 1700hrs, Course following the RYA Competent Crew syllabus, but without a certificate. Learn to be a useful crew member.

                   Private Tuition

Onboard tone of the school Beneteau Oceanis 48’s out of Kastella Marina. One day or more, usually with others to make crewing and the cost easier. 

                   International Certificate of Competence

You need this when sailing either your own boat or a chartered in countries outside the UK. This will involve a test of theoretical and practical skills either onboard the school boat or your own.

                  Day Trips

A ‘taster’ at an economical price. Come for a gentle day out from Royal quays and this may be the start of something big.

                 1 Week – Hostess/Host Courses

A ‘taster’ at an economical price. To include start yachting within the course, cooking cleaning and boat knowledge. A Taster for people wishing to get into the yachting industry.

                 8 Week – Hostess/Host Courses

An in depth training programme into working on yachts of all sizes, will include the RYA day skipper course, sailing knowledge and service experience to give them the confidence to apply for Host/ Hostess roles in the future.

Non RYA Theory Course

                  CEVNI Test

This is needed for navigating inland waterways on the continent. The Course, test and certificate are all done online on your own computer.

Marcus Caston or Peter Inglis will deliver most courses, and any others will be by appropriately qualified instructors.

In the case of shore based Courses you can be assured of comfortable, surroundings which im sure will receive praise (I know they compare favourably if not better than other schools!) Until future time that we decide to create our own base in Kastella Marina ourselves.

Weather and sea conditions play an important part in practical courses and trips. The boats themselves are quality yachts and every attempt is made to ensure that we only go out to sea when conditions are favourable. 

Kastella bay is a good alternative with shelter and room for plenty of manoeuvrability and provides more sheltered and calmer waters.

School Vessels – ‘Nabucco / Lastavo / Tinos’

All identical 14.27 metre Beneteau Oceanis 48’s built in 2014 & 2015, solid, quality, sailing yachts built in. In 2018 all 3 boats were surveyed on purchase and have been brought up to the standards required for a Commercial Vessel Certificate. It has been placed in ‘Category 2’ with a commercial range of up to 60 miles from a safe haven. All 3 yachts are permitted to carry up to 10 persons, to include the skipper.

The equipment carried, with particular emphasis on safety, meets with these standards and, in addition, those required by the RYA for practical courses (see Appendix)

Each winter ‘all 3 boats are lifted out for yearly maintenance and cleaning. Equipment is removed for security and will be checked yearly and at the end of each course before the next sailing course commences. A full checklist of work carried out will be maintained in a separate file and kept in the office.

Operating Procedures Produced and Checked


Jonathan Colwell Ocean Yachtmaster (Commercially Endorsed) 


Marcus Caston Yachtmaster & RYA Instructor



Operational Area – Kastella / Split / Trogir / Brac / Solta / Hvar / Vis 

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