From: 295.00



From: 295.00

2021 Training Starts April / May

Do you require “Extra” Pre test Days? * 

How many extra pre-test days?

£295 covers for the instructor only show il take you through drills to hopefully assist in passing the ICC.

Do you require to use one of our Yachts for the testing? * 

If you require using one of our training yachts for the ICC Test, please select the number of days required include also the test day.

This is “Yacht use only” (Daily Instructor cost is listed above).

Agreements / Understanding

Please tick each box below to CONFIRM you understand and AGREE to the following statements:

I agree to the following costs: * 

(Please mark relevant)

General Information / Test Details:

Basic Boarding Itinerary Information:

Arrival/Embarkation Times:

Our “ICC Test Day” commence at 9:00am.

If taking the ICC test on your own boat we will get started almost straight away after some quick paper work. 

If using one of our yachts we will have to carry out a bit more paper work. There is a choice of a damage waiver £300 or you can pay a damage deposit for the yacht. 

This must be done with ourselves on arrival, as this is a test scenario we are not able to teach whilst onboard, we will do our best to avoid any damages but as we are only there to observe the test procedure any damage waivers or yacht deposits must be paid by the person sitting there ICC test.

Where Do We Meet The Instructor?

We request that you are moored with access to your yacht by foot as some safety gear may be required to be brought onboard if courses are being taken. (This will be discussed once booked via email).

If using one of our training yachts confirmation of the dock within the marina will be sent closer to the day of boarding. 

We ask that you turn up to meet the instructor earlier around 8/8:30am to make sure you can find each other in the marina. Any marina fees and yacht expenses are the responsibility of the the boat owner / booker and not the instructor.  

Crew Lists / Tourist Tax Requirements:

Please make sure the instructor is added to any crew list before boarding and this can be shown to the instructor on boarding and any tourist tax is paid by the boat owner in advance – This is the responsibility of the boat owner and not the instructor. However the instructor will not board the yacht until it has been paid or agreement has been made.

Tourist Tax on our yachts will cost 10kn per day and is payable in cash on the first day. 

Instructor details / information will be forwarded 7 days prior to boarding. 

Cancellations / Refunds:

  1. Cancellations from the boat owner within 90 days of booking for any reason will receive 0% refund for Yacht Sail Training Booking. 
  2. In the unfortunate event Yacht Sail Training has to cancel the instructor hire. We will offer a full refund OR an alternative date. it is then up to the boat owner to decide if this is acceptable. 
  3. We aim to start all RYA Instructor Hire at the allotted time given. However as the instructor may be required to fly in if there is a delay in transit to the marina Yacht Sail Training will be allowed 48 hours grace period before a full refund or cancellation is given to the boat owner / booker.
  4. No refunds are given for unused nights ashore on non residential bookings as hotels may have already been booked. 

What Islands Do You Normally Train Around?

The training ground we usually use include: Brac, Hvar, Solta, Pakleni Islands, Scedro, Vis and Korcula. (Please note in a you will not get to visit them all if any during an ICC test).

Food Onboard: 

Please bring a packed lunch and any drinks required with you for the day. 


If booking more than 1 day – Evenings: We will either be in a new port, marina or harbour, spending the night on anchor or we will return to our home port this can be discussed with the instructor on day 1. 

  • If there are no facilities to eat ashore provisions to make food onboard must be supplied. 

(This is all depending on the weather and the particular course structure required for your chosen syllabus).

Boarding / Disembarkation: 

Disembarkation: The yacht must return to home port at 16:00 on the last day of the ICC Testing and the instructor should be able to leave the yacht at 17:00 hours on the last day.

Please make sure all fuel refills if required are completed before these times.  (Our own training yachts will require refuelled before returned to the marina)

Often we find the instructor will enjoy an end of course beverage with yourselves, if they have time and if you wish to join them.

Travel to and from Split: 

We recommend using the following websites:




Booking.com or Airbnb.com 

Best arrival airports are: Split / Dubrovnik (if travelling to Dubrovnik there is a connecting ferry or bus to Split which takes approximately 4.5 hours. Split Airport and Split Ferry port is located approximately 15 minutes drive away with regular bus services and taxi’s also available. We recommend using Uber taxis.


From: 295.00

RYA Instructor Hire – 5 Days (Onboard)

Yacht Sail Training offers a full range of courses with new courses and dates added regularly.

We offer RYA courses for individuals, groups and families onboard YST’s well maintained yachts, on your own bareboat charter yacht or even your personal private yacht. 
Other Services Include: 
Skippered Sailing Holidays + Bareboat Yacht Charter
We can even provide Skippers or Hostesses for your own sailing holidays, do you require a yacht moved or inspected? then ask for a quote. 


ICC Testing (On Your Own Boat)

Duration: 5 – 6 hours

ICC Tester “Only” Price.

The ICC Tester / RYA Instructor is available join at the following time:  

  • Day 1: 09:00 (Please select your preferred date on the calander below – then “Check Availability Button”)

A RYA Sailing School Instructor, for skippers with there own yacht (Charter or Private Yachts)

ICC Testers are RYA Instructors in the relevant field. They are not onboard to teach during the assessment only to asses that you are

The ICC Assessment:

Applicants for the UK ICC issued by the RYA who do not hold an eligible RYA or MCA certificate, but already have the required level of competence can take the ICC Assessment to demonstrate their competence.

The syllabus for the ICC assessment is published on page 2 of part 4 of the ICC application form.

Candidates can also purchase the RYA ICC Handbook to guide them through the requirements.

N.B. The ICC assessment is not applicable to Personal Watercraft.

Arranging to take the assessment

The ICC assessment can be arranged through an ICC test centre, which is an RYA recognised training centre or an affiliated club authorised to carry out the assessment. Yacht Sail Training is a RYA Recognised training centre.

The test centre will, confirm your successful completion of the assessment by completing both pages of part 4 of the ICC application form – there is no separate certificate.

Send your signed application form together with the other items required for the issue of your ICC to the RYA Certification Department.

Can I get a UK ICC issued by the RYA?

Find out if you are eligible to apply and how to demonstrate your competence.

The UK ICC issued by the RYA is issued on behalf of the UK Government under the authorisation of the UK Maritime and Coastguard (MCA). It is issued in conformity with Resolution No. 40 of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) Working Party on Inland Water Transport.

In accordance with Resolution No. 40, it is only available to a person who fulfils the following eligibility criteria:

  • has reached the age of 16; and
  • is physically and mentally fit to operate a pleasure craft, and in particular, has sufficient powers of vision and hearing.

Evidence of applicant’s identity and eligibility

Before issuing, amending or replacing an ICC the RYA must verify the applicant’s identity and their nationality (as the UK ICC issued by the RYA is not available to the nationals of countries that have adopted Resolution No. 40 unless they are resident in the UK).

You must provide copies of official documents which collectively evidence your name, address, date of birth, nationality and that the photograph you have supplied is a true likeness of you. See part 2 of the ICC application form for details of acceptable documents and a list of the countries that have adopted Resolution No. 40.

The onus is on you to demonstrate your identity and nationality to the RYA’s satisfaction.

It is your responsibility to check that you are eligible to be issued with the ICC before undertaking any training courses, tests or assessments with a view to obtaining an ICC.  Important warnings regarding future eligibility can be found in part 2 of the ICC application form.

If you are a national of a country that has adopted Resolution No. 40 and you are not resident in the UK, you should still be able to obtain an ICC. You will need to contact the body authorised to issue the ICC in the country of which you are a national. Resolution No. 40 requires that the issuing Government tests the candidate’s competence, so if you are applying to another country for an ICC, it is unlikely that RYA certificates will be acceptable as evidence of your competence.

Demonstrating the necessary knowledge and skills

Resolution No. 40 requires that applicants for the ICC prove that they have sufficient knowledge and ability to safely operate a pleasure craft.  This can be done by presenting a recognised national certificate issued by the country which is issuing the ICC. Alternatively the Resolution makes provision for boaters to pass an examination – the ICC Assessment.

In order to be issued with a UK ICC by the RYA, you must provide evidence of your competence for each category you would like your ICC to be valid for. You can find out about the categories and check which categories will be validated by which certificates, tests or assessments in part 3 of the ICC application form.

Applying for, renewing or updating an ICC

How to apply for your first ICC and information about the process for updating or renewing your certificate and replacing a lost certificate.

The UK ICC issued by the RYA can only be issued at the RYA head office in Hamble.

The ICC application form is updated from time to time. Please ensure you are using the current version of the form as published at the bottom of this page. Your application may be rejected by the RYA if it is submitted on an out of date form.

Please allow sufficient time for your application to be processed in accordance with the timescales published on the in part 1 of the ICC application form.

In the case of urgency, the RYA offers a Fast Track Service. What this provides and the cost are detailed in part 1 of the ICC Application form. By visiting the RYA in Hamble in person to have your ICC issued you are requesting the Fast Track Service and the Fast Track Fee is payable.

Applying for your first ICC

To obtain an ICC, you must complete part 1 of the ICC application form in full and sign the declaration.

Details of where to send your completed application and a check list of what to enclose can be found on page 2 of part 1 of the ICC application form.

Renewing an ICC

The ICC is valid for 5 years.

Regular revalidation allows the RYA to ensure that the holder continues to be eligible to hold a UK ICC. It also gives the RYA a mechanism for ensuring that any modifications that need to be made to the ICC’s form (e.g. in response to administrative changes) or validity (e.g. in response to changes to eligibility or other aspects of Resolution No. 40) can be implemented for all holders of the ICC effectively and reasonably promptly.

One of the most important reasons for requiring periodic revalidation, however, is to counter the fraudulent use of the ICC, which is on the increase. As we develop increasingly sophisticated tactics for attempting to combat the production and sale of fake RYA ICCs (such as the use of holograms and more complex artwork on the face of the ICC) we need to have an effective and efficient means of ensuring that these tactics are delivered across all holders of the ICC and that we are not left to deal with a large number of obsolete “legacy” forms of ICC in circulation that are relatively easy to forge and which may not be accepted by the authorities in other countries.

You may renew your certificate up to 3 months prior to it expiring. The new certificate will be valid for a further 5 year period after the original expiry date.

If you need to renew your ICC more than 3 months before its expiry date this is possible, however the certificate will be valid for 5 years from the date of issue rather than 5 years from the original expiry date.

A renewal notice will be sent to you shortly before your certificate is due to expire. To ensure you receive it, please inform us of any changes to your contact details.

To renew your certificate you must complete part 1 of the ICC application form. It is not possible to renew your certificate by telephone or by emailing us.

Your new certificate will be issued with the same categories validated as your existing certificate.

Should you require any further categories validated you will need to pass the appropriate ICC assessment or provide the necessary documentary evidence of competence. Further information can be found in part 3 of the ICC application form.

You will also need to provide evidence of your continued eligibility to apply for an ICC. Information on what is required can be found in part 2 of the ICC application form.

Expired certificates, issued on or after 1 April 1999 can be renewed. Certificates issued prior to 1st April 1999 were not issued in accordance with Resolution No. 40 and cannot be renewed.

Updating your details on an ICC

If during the validity of your ICC your details change, you will need to complete and return part 1 of the ICC application form to have your ICC updated. You will need to provide documentary evidence to verify the details that have changed. Information on what is required can be found in part 2 of the ICC application form.

Replacing a lost ICC

If you have lost your ICC the certificate can be replaced. You must complete part 1 of the ICC application form to request a replacement certificate. You do not need to resubmit evidence of your competence, but you will need to provide documentary evidence to allow the RYA to verify your identity and nationality.  Information on what is required can be found in part 2 of the ICC application form.


Issue of the ICC is free of charge for existing RYA members. You can also join the RYA at the same time as you apply for the ICC and have your ICC issued free of charge. This is often cheaper than paying for the certificate to be issued (see part 1 of the ICC application form for the current fees).

Please select the dates you require and send send through an enquiry for our availability and we will be in touch to confirm and will proceed with payment on confirmation of availability. 

Our Instructors train out of Marina Kastela, Split, Croatia but can travel within the immediate vicinity if the yacht is in a local marina.

Before the Instructor Arrival:

Please make sure your yacht has standard safety equipment for Croatia.

Please note: It is solely at the Instructors discretion on day 1 that the yacht is seaworthy and they are happy to take it to sea. The Instructors decision is final.

RYA Sailing School Croatia, Courses Provided By Yacht Sail Training

Need help to find extra information about RYA Day Skipper practical course? Maybe you should get in touch or book one of our rya sailing courses?. Finally a sailing school in the heart of Croatia with professional instructors good boats and no catches!. Therefore use Yacht Sail Training rya sailing school courses to progress your sailing and yachting qualifications.

Work on or enjoy your own Sailing Yacht, Motorboat, Super-yacht or even enjoy your rib around the world with more confidence. To help you progress we want to help you learn. and Therefore find Sailing jobs, sail with new yacht crew. Why not join a race or a regatta. Therefore training for your next sailing course will take you one step closer to your goal.

Above all, we are an RYA Sail Training School Based in Split, Croatia. Furthermore, we supply STCW2010/95 courses and Online RYA Courses. Also including RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship. RYA Competent Crew, RYA Day Skipper and RYA Yachtmaster coastal. Above all RYA Yachtmaster Offshore, RYA Yachtmaster Ocean. Furthermore RYA Fast Track Yachtmaster Offshore Courses including Adventure and Mile Building courses. Likewise, Yacht Sail Training is also a Recognised Royal Yachting Association Sailing Training School for practical and theory courses.

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