RYA – Sail Cruising Practical Skills (16 Hours Tuition)

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RYA – Sail Cruising Practical Skills (16 Hours Tuition)

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Price quoted is for non- residential – if you have a spare private cabin for the Instructor you can save by selecting residential and the instructor will sleep onboard. (Breakfast, lunch and dinner to be provided for the instructor on residential basis)

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RYA – Sail Cruising Practical Skills (16 Hours Tuition)

RYA – Cruising Level 2 Practical Skills

Yacht Sail Training offers a full range of courses with new courses and dates added regularly.

We offer RYA courses for individuals, groups and families onboard YST’s well maintained yachts, on your own bareboat charter yacht or even your personal private yacht. 
Other Services Include: 
Skippered Sailing Holidays + Bareboat Yacht Charter
We can even provide Skippers or Hostesses for your own sailing holidays, do you require a yacht moved or inspected? then ask for a quote. 


RYA – Sail Cruising Practical Skills Onboard

Basic Skills Course – 16 Hours Training onboard your own yacht.

The Sail Cruising Basic Skills Course builds on the skills already gained, with the main focus being on the skills required to sail a cruising yacht.

Who is this course for?

  • New Skippers lacking confidence.
  • Skippers who have not sailed for a while.
  • Family’s to get the kids involved and to make them all feel safe.
  • Couple’s who often get stressed sailing together.
  • Crew looking for a brief skills refresh to help them enjoy their week on the sea to the full extent.
  • Skippers new to the area.
  • Crew who want a better insight into the yacht they have chartered.
  • Ideal for those who want a bit of skills refresher on your charter week but don’t want to train all week.

This course is great for families or individuals who wish to improve their existing yacht handling skills under sail and power.

This course is very useful for improving the ability of an existing Competent Crew, Day Skipper or above to handle a yacht under sail and power.

Note: we offer this only for bareboat charter clients, bareboat yachts can be booked with ourselves however we can work with any bareboat yacht from any charter company.

Over confidence can often cost us more financially in repairs it is natural to forget aspects if we have not sailed for a long period – This course is to refresh those skills with our experienced RYA Instructor on hand.

It covers all the sailing techniques and manoeuvres on a yacht under sail both as crew and helm, including slipping and coming alongside under sail, yacht handling under power, sailing theory and basic safety including personal safety at sea, and sailing a yacht in tide or current.

On completion of this course, you will have a refreshed knowledge of sailing and be capable of sailing a yacht as crew and helm with a skipper on board in light winds.

This course is also a great refresher for skippers that have not been on a yacht for a while and would like professional assistance for the first couple of days of their charter.

It is assumed that every student starting this course has already mastered the practical skills and absorbed the background knowledge required for a minimum of Start Sailing.


The course is ran over: Approximately 16 hours.

We find this course works well at the start of your charter to give you the confidence to ge tout on the water and enjoy the rest of your week. You will receive a basic skills certificate after the course to add to your already gained day skipper or similar qualification.

Pre-requisites – None (One of the crew will have chartered a yacht so will already have a Day Skipper qualification or equivalent and hold a VHF license).Aimed At: Refreshing skippers and crew sailing skills. 

This course can be added to the start of your charter week or can even be started mid-week depending on instructor availability and what you prefer.

Course Structure:  Bareboat Charter Customers.

Day 1: (Sunday – Approx: 14:00 – 20:00 / Other Days 09:00 Start)

Check-in on charter yachts at the marina is normally between 13:00 and 16:00 depending if you have early check-in or not. 

On Saturday’s “The instructor can be on hand to assist in onboard check-in with the charter company if required” arriving to the marina at 2pm to meet you and the crew.

Saturday (Changeover Day) is the busiest day in most marinas in Croatia.

The instructor will meet you before the yacht is handed over to discuss the aspects you would like to cover they will even come onboard to talk through anything your chosen charter company may not be able to go into depth with. Your instructor will then discuss with you as a group or family some of the techniques and best ways to set up the yacht for departing from the dock.

They are there to answer all those questions that the crew may feel uncomfortable to ask and also there to back up the authority of the skipper on the yacht for the week you have ahead.

Just remember there is no stupid question when sailing.. If you’re wanting to ask it, it will be because you need to understand something you don’t already, you want to receive an answer to feel safe and confident onboard and so you can enjoy your holiday. You are then able to move onto the next question you have on your mind.

You can then decide to discuss more about the yacht with the instructor and to pick there brains about the yacht, weather, local routes, good anchorages, local ports and marinas, booking processes for some marinas, contacts for different ports, electronics used onboard, VHF refresher skills, sailing regulations and safety for all crew onboard.

However you may want to just get underway and out to sea as quick as possible and onto your first destination you may want to focus more on the sailing aspect including sail trimming, man over board drills, coming along side, how best to handle a yacht.

Instructor Accommodation:

Depending on the number of crew onboard your yacht the instructor can either sleep onboard (Sleeping onboard will require a private cabin for the instructor) that evening or the instructor is also happy to take a hotel ashore for the night and return in the morning.

If you are avoiding paying port fees and plan to stay on anchor most of the week and there is not a spare cabin for the instructor we request the yacht returns to home port for the night, price for staying in the home port will be included in your charter agreement so will not cost you any extra. The Instructor can then sleep ashore and return at 9am the following morning for the second days training.

Day 2: (Approx: 8:30am – 18:30)

The instructor will discuss with you the aspects of sailing you wish to brush up on whilst he is onboard. The instructor is not required to be returned to the home port and they can make their own way back from one of the many islands around Croatia as long as there is ferry connections with Split mainland (This is included in the price).

Course duration is run over 16 hours – you will receive a certificate on completion.

Note: This is not a Day Skipper ticket and will not replace already achieved skipper tickets, consider it as a skills refresher course.

When does this course run?

This skills course can start on any of the following days: Saturday, Sunday, Monday Tuesday, Wednesday.

Saturday start time is 14:00hrs and all other days is 09:00 hrs.


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