4. Build Sailing Miles in Croatia! Explore with YST (#SailingMiles #CroatiaSailing #YST)

Are you working towards your RYA skipper license but need to accumulate sailing miles? Look no further than Yacht Sail Training (YST) in Milna, Brač Island, Croatia! We offer a variety of mile building programs designed to help you log the necessary sea time while exploring the breathtaking beauty of the Adriatic coastline. Imagine setting sail alongside our experienced instructors on comfortable yachts, learning valuable navigation skills like chart reading and dead reckoning. Discover hidden coves teeming with marine life, explore charming harbor towns steeped in history, and create lasting memories on the water. Our mile building programs are a fantastic way to gain practical experience, boost your confidence as a sailor, and fulfill the essential requirement for obtaining your RYA skipper license. Visit http://www.yachtsailtraining.com to set sail on your mile building adventure in Croatia today!

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