Application form

Revised January 2019


To be adapted for voluntary role or paid employment


Application for the post/role of (job/role title)


When completed this form should be returned, marked ‘Private and Confidential’, to:


The closing date for applications is (date)


Personal details






Other names in full:


Contact details




Home phone:


Work phone:

(state if you do not wish to be contacted at work)






Training and Qualifications


Academic and/or vocational qualifications:


RYA or other qualifications relevant to the role:


Do you hold a valid UK driving licence?  YES / NO:


Summary of past experience


Please state the name of organisation, position held, dates and a brief description of responsibilities and duties (continue on separate sheet if required)



Please state how you think your skills and experience match the requirements of this role and give your reasons for applying.



Other relevant information


  1. recreational interests, hobbies, voluntary or community work





Criminal record

Having a criminal record will not necessarily bar you from working with us.  This will depend on the position applied for and the nature of your offence.  If you are applying for a position involving regular contact with children or vulnerable adults you will be required, at the offer stage, to apply for an Enhanced Criminal Records Disclosure, with Barred List check if relevant (in Scotland: to apply for membership of the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme). Or Relevant documentation in home country of residence.



Please give names and addresses of two people who can be asked to provide a reference.  At least one should have first-hand knowledge of your previous work with children or adults at risk (as appropriate). References from relatives will not be accepted.  Please indicate if you do not want us to contact any of your referees before interview or before an offer of employment.


Referee 1



E-mail address

Phone number

Capacity in which known to you


Referee 2



E-mail address

Phone number

Capacity in which known to you



Data Protection

In order to recruit to this role Yacht Sail Trainingwill process personal information given in connection with this application.  Information relating to the successful applicant will form part of personnel records.  All personal data will be handled in accordance with Yacht Sail TrainingData Privacy Policy which can be found https://yachtsailtraining.com/privacy-policy/



Applicant’s Declaration

I declare that to the best of my knowledge the information given on this form is correct and understand that misleading statements or deliberate omission may be sufficient grounds for cancelling any appointment arising from this application.





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