FAQ Booking and General Questions

FAQ: Find everything you need to know about Yacht Sail Training Booking & General Questions in our frequently asked questions below:

Booking and General FAQ

We have fully RYA Inspected sail cruising yachts and fast, safe powerboats at our dedicated RYA Training Centre.

Typical Yacht Sail Training Yachts

Hanse 411

Bavaria 36

Bavaria 44 Crusiser

Elan 431

Jeanneau S.O. 42.2

Benneteau Oceanis 48

Jeanneau S.O 49

Various Catamarans available also from 38ft – 60ft for holidays and skills training.

Find the right RYA Sailing or PowerBoat Course.

You can also speak to a Yacht Sail Training RYA Instructor and Training Advisors.    Contact Us, info@yachtsailtraining.comor call us on +44 (0) 7401872889 or +385 (0) 99 5244 402 .    

Tell us what your end goal is, and we will tell you what it will take to achieve it.

Or Why Not Submit a Contact form and we will call you back, at a convenient time – for free. 

A wide range of people of different ages and backgrounds come to Yacht Sail Training every year.   The majority of our customers are aged between 25-60 years, but young professionals, couples and individuals also make up a significant proportion our students.  Our clients come from all over the world.

Families with children aged 14 or over are very welcome to book a Private Yacht Group, so that they have the use of an entire yacht and Skipper / RYA Instructor for the duration of their course / experience. 

Our individual booking courses have a minimum age of 18 years old. 

Private Family Charters and Private Yacht Charter can have younger onboard as long as they are accompanied by adults that will look after them. 

Often couples will book a Private Yacht Training just for themselves, to have that extra time together – such bookings are more bespoke and there are other custom services that we can offer to make your booking that little bit extra special – flowers, chocolates or champagne on arrival?   You should Contact Us to discuss the possibilities.

Some intelligent thought goes into who we try and mix together on our courses – we have a custom-designed computerised system to help us decide what make-up the crews should be – we will try and place you with others that we think might have common interests or goals;

For instance, if you are booking as a couple, where He wishes to go for Day Skipper, and She wishes to try out Competent Crew, we’ll try and put you on with a couple of similar age, experience and goals – and, if English isn’t your first language we’ll aim to put you on with another customer that may have the same language, or even with a Course-Instructor that speaks it, if we have one available.

It’s unlikely. Most of our customers book as individuals or couples.  Those that book as groups or families tend to book as a PYT – Private Yacht Training.    This means they have booked an entire boat just for their group.

Many customers have told us that they are apprehensive about turning up, and perhaps not knowing anyone else or fearing that the others have vastly more experience than them.    The reality is that everyone else is probably feeling the same thing and you are all likely to have similar interests and experiences.

The first part of an RYA Practical Sailing or PowerBoat course is for the RYA Course Instructor to address you all, and have a little ‘icebreaker’ session.    We regularly see people arrive at our centre for check-in looking a little nervous – within about 30 minutes everybody is having a laugh together and getting ready for boarding!

We recognise that customers may wish to combine their RYA Training Course with a charter Holiday to make an enjoyable sailing experience, and that the responsible consumption of alcohol, in moderation, can be part of that experience.  There are also many bars, cafe’s, restaurants and wineries in the sailing area that you may wish to visit during your RYA Course.

It is important to note, however, that during an RYA Course, RYA trainees are not classed as ‘passengers’, and are therefore subject to legal alcohol restrictions in the same way as our RYA Instructors are.    This means that you should not exceed your intake, currently set at 35 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath.

This limit is set by law for safety purposes and, whilst our RYA Instructors take a sensible approach to customers drinking alcohol, drinking to excess – i.e. becoming intoxicated or being under the influence of alcohol whilst around the water, on-board, underway or in marinas / harbours – is not permitted.

For any powerboat courses or experiences customers may not consume, or be under the influence of, alcohol at any time.

It’s not a requirement to have done the RYA Day Skipper Shorebased Theory, or to have any navigation certificate prior to attending the RYA Day Skipper Practical Course, or RYA Coastal Skipper Course.   What is important is your theory knowledge – not what you have on paper.

Many people do undertake the Day or Coastal/Yachtmaster Skipper Shorebased Theory and Navigation courses beforehand, or they may already have their own relevant experience or background – perhaps just through sailing themselves, or they have done a relevant navigation course at sometime in the past.

As an RYA Training Centre we are going to recommend that you DO complete a shorebased course but, you may already have this knowledge, or wish to acquire it through self-study.    In addition to the Online and classrooms courses, there are also a number of excellent books available, published by the RYA.

If you’re unsure about which course is right for you, you should talk to us.   Remember that the RYA Practical Courses are flexible – that means that they are not ‘pass or fail’ exams – they are continually-assessed practical training courses.

So, if you book a 5-Day Day Skipper course, and you think that you’re not quite up to scratch – you can still sign-off parts of your Day Skipper certificate, and return to Yacht Sail Training (or any RYA Training Centre) for, say, a weekend just to finish it off and get your certificate.

Our first-time pass-rate for Day Skipper is around 95%.   We don’t just let anyone pass – if our RYA Instructors aren’t satisfied that you meet the required standard then you won’t get all your logbook sections signed-off and will have to wait to receive your Day Skipper Practical Certificate. It may be the case we require you to pass your theory aspect before we can fully sign you off if you do not have the required knowledge.

In practice, we have an excellent system for finding out peoples’ levels of knowledge and ability very early on – if we think you’re going to need extra help to pass – you will get it and we will push you a bit harder until you’re doing everything you need to be doing.

The RYA Day Skipper is an important qualification – it can be used worldwide to charter sailing vessels up to 24 metres (about 80 feet long), and can even be Commercially Endorsed to take paying passengers out to sea – so we need to be sure that you have earned it.

Any 5 or 6-Days / Nights booking can be used for any course type – Competent Crew, Day Skipper or Coastal Skipper – you can move up and down the scheme as you see fit, with inputs from your RYA Course Instructor, whilst you are actually on the course.

Buy RYA Day Skipper Handbook Sail

Buy RYA Day Skipper Sail

The International Certificate of Competence or I.C.C. is otherwise known as the ‘Charter Licence’.  This is accepted pretty much internationally and generally allows you to charter sailing vessels up to 24 metres in length, either on a bareboat or flotilla-type charter.  You can also get an ICC for PowerBoats.

It is obtained by completing the I.C.C. Application Form and you will require the following:

1). Photocopy of your RYA Day Skipper (Coastal / Tidal) Certificate or Day Skipper Photo-ID Card;

2). Photocopy of your Passport Details / Photo Page;

3). Counter-Signed Passport-Sized Photograph;

4). The fee of £40.00 (free for RYA Members).

We recommend that you read all the available information on the I.C.C.    You can also access specific guidance about boating in individual countries.

  • Where do I find Yacht Sail Training?

For Yacht Sail Training:

Our RYA Practical Training Centre:

NCM Marina, Marina Milna (Brac Island)

Brdo I 20, 21405, Milna, Croatia

T: +44 (0) 7401 872 889 or +385 (0) 99 5244 402

Email: info@yachtsailtraining.com

Get Directions to NCM Marina, Milna, Brac Island – Use Google Maps

Map of NCM Marina, Milna, Brac Island – See Link

Our instructors and team will be wearing Yacht Sail Training Company T-shirts and are normally around our office / classroom in NCM Marina so feel free to say hello.

However please do check your booking confirmation email for precise instructions and embarkation marina, If known we will also confirm the dock the yacht is positioned on. 

The day before boarding Yacht Sail Training will set-up a WhatsApp group so that Students and Instructors can communicate and connect in the marina. 

We strongly advise you to download WhatsApp on your phone – this can be done on most smart phones, it is free to download and free to use. It works in any WIFI areas. 

Yacht Sail Training will set up a Yacht Training Group for the week – this allows the following: 

  1. Finding your yacht on your first day.
  2. Connecting with your instructor prior to boarding.
  3. Keeping in touch with the YST office if required. 
  4. Sharing of course notes and diagrams for future training. 
  5. Sharing pictures of your week.
  6. Keeping in touch whilst ashore in different ports.

If you are unable to find us, just message within your WhatsApp group and the office or your instructor will come and assist OR call us on +44 (0) 7401 872 889 or +385 (0) 99 5244 402 and we will be delighted to guide you, or send someone out to collect you and help you.

Email: info@yachtsailtraining.com

NCM Marina Milna / Marina Kastela, Split, Croatia And Mainland Ports

Have secure parking available within the marina price for 7 days parking is approximately €60.00 and is payable when you remove the car from the marina. 

Private parking is available in some marinas operated by locals, If your lucky together a space this is usually around €25 per week also normally secure with the residents who run the parking always being on hand. 

We generally meet at the Yacht on the first day of your course (Please check your confirmation email for yacht name, dock or office to attend to board) you will be required to sign-in and complete a short form, to ensure that the details we have for you are correct.

If you are arriving for a practical sailing or powerboat course, you will be introduced / meet your Course Instructor, and he / she will welcome you and start to give you some information about the upcoming experience.

Once everyone has arrived, you will got through a safety briefing so it is important to listen carefully.

Don’t worry at this stage if you’re nervous – the RYA Courses are just that – enjoyable learning experiences – it’s not an exam or a test so listen carefully to the Course Instructor and relax!

For RYA Practical Sailing Courses, the first day / evening is normally spent getting to know the yacht getting you settled into your cabins / berths, safety briefings and for you to get an idea of where you will be sailing, and what you will be doing for the rest of your course.

On the first day of arrival (See booking information), It is a good idea to have had breakfast before turning up, There will be food available on the yacht and coffee, Tea etc but by the time safety briefings have been completed you may find you are a little hungry and it is almost Lunch time

There are supermarkets in NCM Marina Milna and also a few cafes closer to the town.

For shore based theory and short specialist courses, the courses will start right-away and the member of staff who meets you will likely also be the Course-Instructor, and you will receive the same standard of welcome and introduction. Please Check your joining confirmation for full joining instructions. 

We use WhatsApp for contact between yourself and the instructor this is also shared with the office so please message your training group and let your instructor know.

If you think that you might be late – don’t worry – but it is important that you let us know as soon as possible, so that we can make alternative arrangements to meet you, and give you the berth you should proceed to.

Please also include your name, booking reference number and your estimated arrival time.  This information will be passed automatically to the relevant staff and Course-Instructors. 

You can also email the office: info@yachtsailtraining.com or phone the office on +44 (0) 7401 827 889 or +385 (0) 99 5244 402

There is normally excellent 3G & 4G mobile-phone / wireless broadband coverage in the marina Kastela or Wifi in the café.  

Onboard the training yacht there will be a WIFI router/dongle this normally works very well within the cruising area however some bays we may stop in the internet can be a little slower – please remember you will be on a yacht in the middle of the sea so there will be patches of WIFI not working.

Many customers choose to bring mobile-phones / laptops / tablets etc, and it is convenient to be able to stay in-touch with friends, family or business associates ashore – if you want to!

Please note if travelling from foreign countries please check your data roaming charges with your network provider before travelling.

What are the Rail / Air / Bus travel options?

Milna NCM Marina (Brac Island)

Milna NCM Marina (Brac Island) is easily accessible by ferry once you reach split (closest island to Split) with a 30 – 1hour short ferry ride away from Split main ferry port a short walk from the old town of Split. Note some ferries will to Supetar and a taxi or bus transfer will be required, so we do recommend getting the fast cat from Split or Dubrovnik ahead of your course.

Ferry Times:

Fast Catamaran (Dubrovnik – Split): https://www.krilo.hr/en/

Various ferries: https://www.ferrycroatia.com/en/

Marina Kastela

Marina Kastela is easily accessible, with major road, rail and air links.    There are busses regularly from Zagreb to Split also a train service however the train is often slower than the buses, and we are approximately 15 minute Taxi/Drive from Split International Airport. 

If you were to fly into Dubrovnik airport there is a regular bus service that connects Dubrovnik and Split and also a fast cat option that can be taken between Dubrovnik and Split Centre

Trogir is approximately 25 minutes from Marina Kastela by car/Taxi

Split Centre is approximately 15 minutes by car/taxi to Marina Kastela

Zagreb is approximately 3 hours drive.

Dubrovnik is approximately 3.5 hours drive

There are a lot of local taxis around Split But Uber also works very well around Split and Trogir and can often be more cost effective.

For public transport information, including buses, trains, timetables and tickets 

Check the following: 

Fast Catamaran (Dubrovnik – Split): https://www.krilo.hr/en/

Split Local bus tation: https://www.ak-split.hr

Zagreb local bus station: https://www.akz.hr

Dubrovnik bus station: http://www.libertasdubrovnik.hr/en/

Flights: www.Skyscanner.net  

Ferrys: https://www.jadrolinija.hr/en/ferry-croatia

Car Hire Split: https://avaxrent.com/en/locations/split-center/#/

Yes.   We sell a variety of Gift Vouchers online, with free delivery via e-mail.    Vouchers can be purchased for a specific course-type, or in monetary denominations.    The holder can also use the value of their Gift Voucher towards any other RYA course / experience offered by Yacht Sail Training.

Please contact us if you wish to purchase Gift Vouchers: info@yachtsailtraining.com please include the name you wish to purchase for the amount and we will invoice you accordingly.

You can book any RYA Course we offer through our website by going to the course you are interested and choosing from the available dates in the online calendar

OR by calling +44 (0) 7401 872 889 or +385 (0) 99 5244 402 (Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm), or submit an enquiry through our website by Email: info@yachtsailtraining.com or using the WhatsApp link on the website.

When you reserve any RYA Course or Experience, you can pay by bank transfers securely online using wise, Revolut with a Credit or Debit Card or direct through your own bank via the back system. 

Deposits can be accepted for courses if booked over 120 days in advance of course commencement start date. Full payment must be received before 120 days of the course commencement.

You can also discuss making payment by calling us on +44 (0) 7401 872 889 or +385 (0) 9952 44 402.    

Preferred payment method is bank transfer to Embark.d.o.o.  See the information once booking with account details on how to do this.

What’s Included – RYA Sail Cruising Practical Courses:

(Please see booking specifics for all items)

Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper, Yachtmaster Prep

            Drinking Water during the week

            All Diesel Fuel, Domestic Gas, Outboard fuel

            All Safety Equipment & Lifejackets

            All RYA Learning Materials

            Tourist Tax for all students

            Bedding, Towels, Blankets

            WIFI Onboard

            All Safety Equipment & Automatic Lifejackets

            Damage Waivers

What’s Included – For PowerBoat Courses:

All Petrol-Fuel

            All Safety Equipment & Lifejackets

RYA PowerBoat Handbook

For Level 2 Only – Not Required Otherwise

RYA Photo-I.D. Certification & Registration Fees Included

Please Bring Passport-Sized Photo

What’s Included – VHF Radio LIcence / Diesel Engine / Radar Course:

All In-Class Learning Materials / Books etc.

            Complementary Hot Drinks for Every Customer


Boat float contribution (Day 1 of Joining) £130 per person for RYA Group courses (Monohulls) Please see booking specifics for details as they vary for private charter, Catamarans and Sailing Holidays. 

Mooring Fees – (Paid from the boat float / Kitty contribution above)

Transport to and from Embarkation Port

Flights if required

Alcohol / Other soft drinks except water

Extra snacks other than those provided

Yacht Sail Training offers a robust financial protection system to help protect our customers and provide vital re-assurance.

We recognise that our customers want peace-of-mind that their money is secure when making a payment for something in advance – when you make a payment via Credit or Debit Card, Cash, Cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer to Yacht Sail.

This money remains yours and you can request a full refund at any time, up until 90 days prior to your course / experience start-date.   Any non-refundable Gift Vouchers are excluded from this, but this will be stated on the voucher, and made clear prior to purchase.

We believe in a business which can be both ethical and profitable 

This means that we do not use your deposits to fund the on-going operation of the business, and so we are not dependent on making future ‘sales’ to cover our potential liabilities to you should you need to cancel your booking – your money is kept in a protected account until after you have received the service.

Where other businesses are reliant on making ‘sales’ and taking advance deposits to pay for the on-going running costs of staff, buildings, facilities etc – we are a financially healthy organisation with no debts, and our overheads are paid for out of diligent savings.

We understand that this way of working is unique to Yacht Sail Training in the UK RYA Training Industry, and hope this represents our commitment to, and respect for, Ethical Business Practices. 

You have an absolute right to cancel your booking, without providing a reason, and receive a full refund at any time up until 120 days prior to your course / experience start-date.

Cancellation or refund requests received within the 120-day period may also be accommodated, if we can replace your booking with another (from our waiting list, for example) but we are not obliged to do this.

This is because your cancellation at such short-notice may make it financially unviable, or impractical, to run a course-date without your booking – meaning that we could have to cancel on the other customers already booked, and let them down too.

We think that 120-days is generally enough time for us to find another customer to replace your booking, but if you need to cancel or change dates, please try and let us know as early as possible so that we can start to find another customer to take your space. Thanks!

COVID-19 Cancellation’s and Rebooking:

If up to 14 days prior to an individual course or private yacht training booking: Croatia closes borders or Client / students country closes there borders OR quarantine is obligatory upon return from Croatia regardless of COVID-19 test. 

Students who have booked an individual course or private yacht training are entitled to:

• rebook same course in 2023 or 2024 that is priced similarly (subject to availability)* or
• rebook to a different course of equivalent price in different period in 2023 or 2024 (subject to availability)* or
• receive a credit note (voucher) valid for season 2023 or 2024. 

For Private Yacht / Catamaran Training If at the time of booking, the country the client is travelling from already has quarantine restrictions in place including being a amber or red list country, cancellations will not be accepted due to quarantine restrictions on return to client’s home country. Please make your own research regarding covid travel restrictions prior to making payment. 

We can however do our best to try and re-sell the package and the yacht on to another client. However, last minute discounts of up-to 45% may be applied to the new sale price in order to achieve a re-booking for the yacht with an alternative client. There is no guarantee we will be able to re-book. 

All Bookings: The obligation of Covid 19 test before or after the trip, obligated quarantine upon return, disruptions related to transportation difficulties, Government recommendations, Company travel restrictions or similar are not reasons for rescheduling.

This policy applies to new reservations made for the season 2023 (this policy is not applicable to the reservations that have already been transferred from the season 2022). 

If for any reason the Client is not able to realise the charter (the Client who has already used the voucher or has rescheduled the charter from 2022) it is possible to reschedule the charter in the season 2023 by paying a fixed rebooking fee of 400,00 € (non-refundable), 21 days before the departure date at the latest. 

The receipt of the rebooking fee confirms the cancellation of existing booking and rescheduling for the season 2023.
Fixed rebooking fee is charged as a separate payment and can-not be charged from a voucher. 

RE-BOOKING (1 Year Later)

Is allowed up to 90 days prior to the individual course or private yacht training, Students / clients can choose one of these options:

• change individual course or private yacht training period with no extra charge for the same season*

• change the individual course or private yacht training to a different course in the same season*

*if re-booked course or private yacht training or week  is higher in price the difference must be made up but if the rebooked course has a lower price than what was originally booked, original price will be due; no refunds will be made.

Re-Booking For A Second Year.

If for any reason the Client is not able to realise the charter (the Client who has already used the voucher or has rescheduled the charter from 2020 to 2022) it is possible to reschedule the charter in the season 2023 by paying a fixed rebooking fee of 400,00 € (non refundable).

The receipt of the rebooking fee confirms the cancellation of existing booking and rescheduling for the season 2023.

Fixed rebooking fee is charged as a separate payment and can not be charged from a voucher.


Cancel before 120 days of booking for a full refund

Cancellation after 120 days but before 90 days of booking commencement receive a 60% refund

Cancellation after 90 days but before 30 days of booking receive 30% refund

Cancellation within 30 days of course start date 0% refund allowed. (Unless covid restrictions are applied above) 
Cancellation is allowed with a full refund up until 120 days prior to the course start date. 

(P.S. – Most other companies only offer limited refunds if you cancel your booking – at any time!) 

If you have a question for us which isn’t answered in this section, please email us at info@yachtsailtraining.com, message us through the website or Facebook or feel free to also Call Us on +44 (0) 7401 872 889 and speak to a RYA Instructor.   You can also Ask Us Online when our RYA Instructors are online, or leave us a message and we will e-mail you back within 24 hours (usually 10/20 minutes).

You can call us on +44 (0) 7401 872 889 (9am – 5pm / 7 days)

Outside these hours there usually will be someone available to answer any urgent questions, joining the yacht etc. However we may not be in front of a computer and may be unable to give you all the information regarding booking a course. (But we will call you back when we are)

Booking & General Information Questions – RYA Crew Yachting Courses Provided by Yacht Sail Training

Need help to find extra information about RYA Yacht Crew Training Courses?. Maybe you should get in touch with Yacht Sail Training. Do you have the qualifications required for to sail your own yacht? why not book onto one of our rya super yacht crew training courses?.

Finally a sailing school in the heart of Croatia with professional RYA instructors good boats and no catches!. Therefore use Yacht Sail Training sailing school to progress your sailing and yachting lifestyle.

Book your RYA Sailing Courses with Yacht Sail Training and develop your crew. Sailing crew courses, Competent Crew, Day Skipper, Yachtmaster Coastal, Yachtmaster Offshore, Yachtmaster Ocean training and charter in Croatia, Superyacht training. To help you progress we want to help you learn to sail. Speak to Yacht Sail Training if you are looking to improve your sailing.

Why not progress your yachting career, join a super yacht, train to work on a mega yacht, train to race yachts or join a regatta. Therefore sail training with Yacht Sail training will develop your skills and confidence for your next sailing job interview. Yacht Training will take you one step closer to your dream. Let Yacht Sail Training guide you through your training all the way to follow your dream and work on yachts around the world.

Above all, we are an RYA Sailing School Based in Croatia. Furthermore, we supply STCW2010/95 courses and Online RYA Courses. Also including RYA Essential Navigation and Seamanship. RYA Competent Crew, RYA Day Skipper and RYA Yachtmaster coastal. Above all RYA Yachtmaster Offshore, RYA Yachtmaster Ocean.

Furthermore RYA Fast Track Yachtmaster Offshore Courses including Adventure and Mile Building courses. Likewise, Yacht Sail Training is also a Recognised Royal Yachting Association Sailing Training School for practical and theory courses.

We also offer Family Sail Training Holidays, Private RYA training Sailing Holidays – for up to 5 guests. Bareboat charter, Skippered Charter and more. So why not Learn to Sail and take your next sailing course in croatia. We also offer free classified adverts for Job finding, Yacht Charter, Skipper Charter, skipper hire and Sailing Holidays In Croatia, Greece And Italy.

While also providing hostesses and hostess training. Yacht Sail Training rya sailing school. Therefore Learn and book RYA Courses in Croatia, and soon you could be sailing in United kingdom (UK) in the Solent, Montenegro, Gibraltar, Spain, Morocco, Italy, France, Portugal and Worldwide. Book rya sailing courses book online. Fill out a contact request form today to get yourself booked onto your next sail training course by Yacht Sail Training, YST Yachting. Yacht Sail Training is a UK registered Yachting Company, operating also in Split Croatia.