RYA Sailing Courses FAQ

FAQ: Find everything you need to know about Yacht Sail Training RYA Sailing Courses in our frequently asked questions below:

RYA Sailing Course FAQ

Please check your course start date as we have courses starting various days.

5 day courses from Milna (Brac Island) normally start at 09:30hrs.

Longer courses from mainland will have varied starting times see times when booking in booking system.

Check-In / Arrival time opens from 09:15hrs on the day of the course commencement.  You can expect to be able to be able to disembark between 17:00 and 18:00hrs on the afternoon of the last day of the course when you return to the home port.

On some occasions on our “6 day/7 night courses” if required students may be able to stay onboard for the last night with disembarkation at 08:00hrs the next morning – please check with us via email if this is required.

See further information below:

6 Days / 7 Night RYA Practical Courses:

Arrival at the marina If arranged in advance can then be 5/6pm for embarkation on Saturday and disembarkation is 8am on the last Saturday morning of the course.

5 Days / 4 Nights RYA Practical Courses:

Boarding 9:30am on the start day of the course – Disembarkation between 17:00 / 18:00hrs on last day of the course – Extra nights accommodation onboard the training yacht is not available as the yacht will be in training again almost immediately after the 5 Day courses.

Always check your booking confirmation e-mail / invoice document in case your particular check-in / arrival times and Embarkation locations incase they are different to the standard times above.

Hold-All / Soft Baggage


A Range of Clothing for Warm & Cold

Sun-Hat or Warm Hat

Suncream (Summer & Winter)

Sunglasses (Summer & Winter)

T-Shirts & Shorts

Non Marking – Soft-Soled Shoes / Trainers

Gloves (May be useful pre and aft season – March to May & Oct – Nov)

Light wet weather  gear – Probably no Need for full Foulis unless sailing out of season

Passport-Sized Photograph (Day / Coastal Skipper Only)

Spending money – for restaurants or a drink at the end of the day & Boat Float Contribution

Not Going Sailing? – See the answer to this question for PowerBoating or Shorebased Theory instead.

During RYA practical sailing courses you will spend each night on-board, in cabins.  

Croatia offers some of the best food in the world. With amazing restaurants and local dishes in most islands, ports and our sailing areas. so we urge guests to try the delicacies of the islands we will visit and enjoy Croatia to the full, as enjoying cultures is all part of the sailing experience. 

We generally do not return to our main operating base every day / night.  Once you have departed, most days will be spent travelling to a different island or port, to stay overnight, before returning to our home port on the final day for debriefing, marking and stamping of logbooks, and issuing RYA Certificates.

Depending on the course booked one night will normally be spent conducting a night-sail passage, for you to experience pilotage using relevant lights, and to let you experience how to tie-up safely in the dark. 

All our sailing yachts are equipped with toilets and showers with hot / cold water.  Some of our yachts have up to four separate shower / bathrooms – known as ‘heads’ – and some are en-suite, and some have just one or two which is quite sufficient for the number of persons on-board.

In addition to the on-board facilities, your group may elect to travel and stay at certain marinas / islands where there are shorebased toilets / showers / facilities etc. When we moor at a marina with shorebased facilities we request they are used by students / guests to save on water onboard.

There are no charges involved in using these facilities except for the mooring fees that comes from the boat kitty contribution all facilities will require you to take a towel (provided onboard and your personal toiletries).

Our main base is located in on Brac Island in Milna Port. From here the area we cover is weather dependent but will usually include the some if not all of the following islands within the Adriatic: Brac, Hvar, Solta, Pakleni islands, Scedro, Vis and Korcula. Whilst we do not have any set route-plans, because each RYA Course experience is a unique passage, we do have some excellent training waters surrounded by stunning scenery and sea-life.

Note: We do also offer embarkation from mainland ports for Private and skills courses – see booking forms for full details.

Typical destinations in our sailing area include some of Croatia’s historic Submarina Sylos, Green Caves near Vis, Blue lagoons near Trogir, and if the wind is right the Blue caves near located near Komiza on Vis. 

Occasionally on longer courses we can often make it to the Blue Caves and the seals cave, sunken ships, Korcula town and even the National parks of Mljet. 

On group courses your provisions contribution on day one goes towards your Breakfast and lunches onboard during practical sail cruising courses. So you can decide what you would like to eat throughout your course.

As part of the sailing experience breakfast and lunches making are made between the students onboard.

Menus and “Step by Step – How to Cook” recipes are available onboard and can also be accessed by following this link Food suggestions onboard The recipes are all Easy cook recipes that should take no longer than 30 – 40 minutes to prepare in the morning or at a lunch / Swim stop mid-day. 

If you are booking a private training yacht and there is a only 4 of you training you also have the option to book a hostess for your week that will do all of this for you: Price for a hostess is £1200 for the week and they will take care of all breakfast and lunches whilst you are onboard meaning you can relax and swim at the times you want too, OR catch up on learning you need too. (This can only be done with Private Training of 4 Students / Guests or less) due to maximum RYA numbers allowed onboard a training vessel. 

Further purchases can be made from local suppliers in the sailing area as the quality is excellent and it helps to support rural and island economies.

All Crew should take an active role in the catering and provisioning onboard as it is part of the RYA courses – known as ‘victualling’ as it teaches good practice about carrying appropriate supplies on-board, and how to prepare meals using the kitchen (or ‘galley’) facilities safely, whilst at sea.

All our Sailing Yachts have warm, dry and comfy cabins and sitting areas, Some of our yachts do have fans but not all, they all do however have hatches to help with cooling through the height of the summer months and blankets during the early season months. 

During the height of summer it can get warm at night when on-board, and the cabins are equipped with opening hatches and windows to keep cool, fresh air flowing in, there is the possibility of sleeping on deck if preferred and feel free to bring a hammock that can be positioned from the head sail to the mast for a unique experience

In the height of the season (July / August) it can get warm but from years of sailing most people manage with the temperatures whilst onboard. 

If booking a private RYA training Yacht Charter you are able to request Air Conditioning at the time of booking – This can NOT be added later to a yacht and most yachts do NOT come with it as standard. Normally we find it isn’t required. However it is an option on some yachts but only at the time of booking as an extra.

By standard our yachts do not have Air conditioning onboard and isn’t required.

As our Sailing Area in the center of the Adriatic, the weather and temperature in this area can vary from high winds, rain and cold temperatures in the Winter season (Nov-Feb), to windless days with over 37°C heat in the Spring/Summer. Whilst we are are able to offer training throughout the 12-months, our RYA Practical Sail Cruising courses operate exclusively between Mid March and Early November. 

The weather we experience in Croatia is generally very good, with warm temperatures offshore breezes and occasional strong winds from the Bora, despite common misconceptions it is not sunny all the time

That being said, the weather can be changeable and can go from fine and sunny sailing weather, to strong Bora winds with slightly cooler temperatures, and then back again in the space of an hour – so bringing suitable clothing is advisable to avoid any showers.   

Expect stunning sunsets in the evenings and if your awake early enough expect swimming in the gorgeous sunrises. 

Make sure to bring suncream, sunglasses and a hat – at all times of year – as being out on the water can magnify the effects of the sun on your eyes and body.

It is unlikely, but possible. Seasickness is caused by the yawing and rocking motion of a boat at sea whilst the occupants are focused mostly on the internal surroundings of the vessel.    

This causes the brain to receive conflicting signals from the eyes and ears – apparent stillness from the eyes, versus the apparent motion sensed by your inner-ear.  This discordance sends the body into an ‘alarm’ mode, producing the feeling of nausea. Motion sickness is most common in children between the ages of 3 and 12 years.

Because you are taking part in the sailing of the vessel, usually outside, rather than being a seated passenger the likelihood and effects of seasickness are greatly reduced – in fact we almost never have any reported instances of motion sickness on an RYA Training course – but yet it remains one of the most often-asked questions!    In reality, seasickness occurs mostly in very rough conditions – not in the conditions we sail in.

In the event that you do suffer from seasickness it is likely that our RYA Instructors will return to port to let you recover, but our Professional Instructors are also trained and certified to administer various seasickness remedies, should this be required.    You may also bring your own seasickness solutions if you feel this is necessary.   Some seasickness tablets can cause drowsiness and you should always tell your RYA Instructor if you are taking any medication – even if it is not Prescription-Only Medication.

Many customers have specific dietary requirements or tastes, such as requiring wheat or gluten-free produce, or they need to ensure that they keep an allergy-safe diet, for example.

When you join the yacht on the first day and pay your boat kitty you will also provision the yacht yourselves out of this payment so you will be able to select and discuss with other crew any dietary requirements.

Suggested menus are supplied onboard with most food available in the marina.  

You can also bring your own supplies to keep in your cabin, or labelled separately and stored in our on-board refrigerator.    You should be aware, however, that due to the unique environment we operate in, we cannot absolutely guarantee that the food-preparation and consumption facilities will not have been used previously to prepare such produce.  In addition, we cannot guarantee that such facilities are suitable for faith-based food preparation regimens (e.g. Halal / Kosher) etc.

It is extremely important that you tell your RYA Course Instructor and mention it at booking if you have any allergies or other medical conditions that may affect your health and wellbeing whilst on-board a Yacht Sail Training RYA Practical Sail Cruising Course.

Having a medical condition, special medication or medical apparatus does not necessarily prevent you from participating fully in an RYA course, but you should talk to us before booking if you have any concerns.   

Previous customers have included those who have Type 1 Diabetes and require daily blood-tests and injections (including cold-storage of medication), sufferers of Sleep Apnea who use special equipment and those who require regular access to toilet facilities, especially at night.  We have even had some customers with artificial limbs – none of the above are barriers to full participation and our Professional RYA Instructors ensure everyone is included and catered for.

Yes. Sail cruising is an inherently safe sport when carried out in the proper way – which a Yacht Sail Training RYA Training Course always is, when being led by a competent and professional Skipper and RYA Instructor.

We recognise that many customers – particularly those new to boating – may be apprehensive about going to sea on what is considered a ‘small vessel’ (under 24 meters), and we do all we can to allay those fears – mostly that’s done through a thorough explanation and safety-briefing, as well as actually going out on the water and just getting on with sailing – this is the best way to alleviate concerns and have a good time.

All our yachts are modern Commercial Vessels and, as such, are subject to very stringent equipment and safety requirements with regular inspections administered by both the RYA and Croatian marine services.   This also applies to our safety management systems and standard operating procedures – the safety and comfort of our customers is paramount, and we have a special internal company system for ensuring that financial matters can never take precedence over safety.

All safety equipment required is supplied to you as part of the course fee, and is regularly tested and independently serviced and certified by outside maritime safety organizations.   

In addition, all our Commercial Certification, Inspection Reports, Staff Qualifications and Company Insurance Documents can be inspected by any customer upon request – in many cases copies are held on-board our vessels also and are easily accessible in folders – you do not have to ask permission in advance to open these folders, and we encourage it.

Yes. We arrange bareboat yacht charter in Split, Croatia, and in overseas locations also, such as Greece, Turkey, Spain, Caribbean, Italy and many other international locations.  All of our RYA training yachts when not used for training are used with our sister company under charter and all of our yachts can be chartered privately on a bareboat or skippered charter. 

Yacht Sail Training has partnered with several good and trustworthy Charter companies around the world allowing us to offer some great charter prices for yacht charter for not only sailing yachts but motor yachts and even super yachts. 

Yacht Sail Training (YST Yachting) is also is able to provide a full crew service for yachts of most sizes. From RYA Instructors, Skippers, Hosts, Hostesses, Chefs, Engineers and also Repairs and servicing on many yachts. 

If you are interested in putting your sailing skills to use for a holiday with friends or family, Contact Us for more information, prices and availability. See the following link to submit your requirements: YST Yachting Charter Quote LINK

Please make sure your qualifications meet the country you wish to charter in. If you are unsure please email info@yachtsailtraining.com for further clarity, 

For customers who wish to stay overnight in the local area, either during or shortly before / after their RYA training course or experience, we recommend Booking.com or AirBnB for accommodation providers nearby. We also offer accommodation options on our website in Milna and surrounding areas on Brac Island. 

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