03. Do we sleep on the yacht? / Do we return to the Home port every evening?

During RYA practical sailing courses you will spend each night on-board, in cabins.  

Croatia offers some of the best food in the world. With amazing restaurants and local dishes in most islands, ports and our sailing areas. so we urge guests to try the delicacies of the islands we will visit and enjoy Croatia to the full, as enjoying cultures is all part of the sailing experience. 

We generally do not return to our main operating base every day / night.  Once you have departed, most days will be spent travelling to a different island or port, to stay overnight, before returning to our home port on the final day for debriefing, marking and stamping of logbooks, and issuing RYA Certificates.

Depending on the course booked one night will normally be spent conducting a night-sail passage, for you to experience pilotage using relevant lights, and to let you experience how to tie-up safely in the dark. 

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