RYA Competent Crew - Practical Sailing Course

Embark on a transformative nautical journey with our RYA Competent Crew Course, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Croatia’s Split-Dalmatia region, specifically on the enchanting Brac Island.

Designed for aspiring sailors and novices alike, this comprehensive course offers a hands-on approach to sailing, providing an immersive experience in the fundamentals of crewing.

Join us in the azure waters of the Adriatic, where theory meets practice, and participants emerge not just as certified competent crew members but as confident and capable sailors ready to navigate the open seas.

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RYA Competent Crew Practical

  • 1:5 Instructor / Student Ratio.
  • Select below to book onto a group course already running or further down for Private courses. 

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Private Yacht Training

  • Maximum 5 Students allowed during RYA training.
  • We are able to mix RYA Competent Crew training with RYA Coastal Skipper Training / RYA Day Skipper / Mile building or Skills training. 
  • Bring some family / friends to crew for you during your training.
  • We do suggest minimum 2 – 3 students onboard during a private course. 
  • Private courses open to all ages. 

Questions Answered

Who Is This Course for?

Who Is This Course For?

For those who would like to learn to sail and become active crew members rather than just passengers.

Learn To Sail with RYA Courses.

Experience living, sailing, cooking and sleeping on board for 5 days and really get to know the boat. Virtually all the course is hands on. This is very much a Practical Sail Training course. You are the crew – without you the sails won’t go up and the boat won’t be steered. By the end of the course you should be able to steer, handle sails, keep a lookout, row a dinghy and assist in all the day to day duties on board.
Pre-Course Experience: (Pre-Requisites)

Pre-course experience – RYA Competent Crew (Practical)

None – This course is for any level and will teach you all the basics of Sailing.


Assumed knowledge Prior To Course: (None)

Pre Course – Assumed knowledge

None – We teach you everything you need to know for this course onboard.


What Certificate Will I Recieve?

What Certificate Will I Recieve?

On successful completion you will receive:

RYA Competent Crew Sailing Qualification. 

This RYA certificate is often the minimum skippers / captains look for when inviting crew onboard to go sailing. 

Course Content

Course content

  • Knowledge of sea terms
  • Parts of a boat
  • Her rigging and sails
  • Sail handling,
  • Rope-work
  • Fire precautions and fighting
  • Personal safety equipment
  • Man overboard, emergency equipment
  • Meteorology
  • Seasickness Remidies
  • Helmsmanship
  • General duties
  • Manners and customs
  • Rules of the road
  • Dinghies


Ability after the course

Ability after the course

Able to steer, handle sails, keep a lookout, row a dinghy and assist in all the day to day routines onboard.

You should be a useful member of crew to have onboard. 


Minimum Course Duration: (5 Days)

Minimum duration

This course is ran over 5 Days.

If you prefer a longer period onboard check out our Private Yacht Training Courses.


Minimum Age To Join Course

Minimum age


This course is available to all ages.


*Yacht Sail Training however does have a 18 year old age limit for group courses. 


Students under 18 Must be accompanied by an adult and can be accepted on private courses  only. 


For students younger than 18 please consider our Private Yacht Training Courses. 

After Successful Completion (Whats Is Next?)

Succesful Completion

On successful completion of this course the next stage would be the RYA Day Skipper Theory Course.

Followed by the RYA Day Skipper Practical course.

Once completed this will then enable you to charter your own yacht in the future.

RYA Day Skipper is one of the minimum requirements for chartering a yacht in alot of countries.

Please also consider:

You may require to apply for an ICC and a VHF license on completion of the RYA Day Skipper practical course in order to use your qualification when chartering a yacht.

ICC Certificate: 

The ICC is available free to all RYA members who are UK residents.

Where Will We Sail?

Where Will We Sail?

During the course you will visit some some if the 1000 islands in Croatia that will include the islands of Brac, Solta, Hvar and Vis all weather dependent, but expect to have an enjoyable training holiday.

Cruising / Training Islands / ports: 

Split, Brac, Solta, Hvar, Pakleni Islands and occasionally Vis island also depending on weather conditions. Each night is spent in a new port, anchorage or marina. 

Do We Offer - Private Yacht Training?

Do We Offer – Private Yacht Training? – YES

You are able to charter the whole yacht for yourself so you can take your RYA courses in a more relaxed environment with more one to one training. 

Most RYA courses are allowed a maximum of 5 students onboard + your RYA Instructor. 

What Is Included?

Price includes: 

See Booking System For Upto Date Info.


Tourist Tax, Drinking Water, Bedding, Towels, Fuel, WIFI, Basic Provisions: Tea, Coffee, Salt, Pepper, Spices, Toilet Rolls, Kitchen Towels, Cleaning Products, RYA Instructor, Safety equipment, Certificates on successful completion**
**Certificates will only be provided on students meeting the pre-requisites for the specific course.
What Is NOT Included?
Not included: 
  • Travel to the marina and any optional Island tours and water taxis if you decide you wanted to do them after a day’s sailing. 
  • Food Provisioning & Moorings
Students joining group courses are required to have “€130 in Cash Each” for the boat float (kitty). This is required at the beginning of the course, Your Instructor will open the boat float with you all on day 1 of your training.
This payment should cover all provisions for breakfast and lunches and also mooring fees throughout your course. 
Note: Anchoring is free in Croatia, Restaurant stops are also free if you eat in the restaurant. 
Any remaining Boat Float (Kitty) is then shared between students at the end of the course. 
Do you take Deposits?

Do you take deposits?

Yes we can accept deposits for all courses that are more than 120 days prior to Embarkation. 


We normally request a 30% deposit for these bookings. 


Remaining balance must be paid on or before the 120 days before Embarkation.

Where Do We Embark?

Where Do We Embark?

Milna (Brac Island) 

In 2023 Yacht Sail Training is moving its home base to Milna on the Island of Brac. To allows us to expand the sailing courses we offer. 

Milna is an amazing port with a great vibe, restaurants, bars, good shelter and as it is away from the mainland also some amazingly clean beaches. 

Brac island is a short ferry ride away from Split Old town ferry (30 – 60 minutes) with up to 30 crossings a day either direct to Milna or too Supetar. 

Note: A taxi on the island may be required if travelling too Supetar.

See our how to get to Milna information in the booking system.

Do You Offer Classroom Courses?

Do You Offer Classroom Courses?

In 2023 – Yes We will be offering various classroom courses.


Including: RYA Day Skipper, RYA Yachtmaster Coastal / Offshore & VHF Courses. 


Check back as dates for Shorebased courses will be released soon. 

Do You Offer Shoreside Accomodation?

Shoreside Accomodation In Milna (Brac Island)?

Yes – We also offer shoreside accommodation within Milna allowing you to arrive a few days earlier or stay for a few days after. 


Note: Accomodation in July & August can fill up quick everywhere in Croatia. 


All accommodation we offer in Milna is a short walk to the marina (up to 15minutes walk away)

Can We Embark Elsewhere?

Can We Embark Elsewhere?

Yes – We are able to offer this for Private Training Courses allowing you to embark on the mainland from Marina Kastela, Split, Trogir or Marina Baotic or from a local islands including Hvar, Solta and also Vis.

Note: There is an extra transfer charge for this. Please email us for further details*. 

Why not consider a Speedboat pick up from the mainland to Milna instead?*

Contact us directly for more information. 

*Transfer charge is approx €750

**Private speedboat from mainland approx €250 (one way)

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RYA Competent Crew

Course Highlights:

Immerse yourself in the world of sailing with our RYA Competent Crew Course. From understanding the basics of boat handling to mastering essential crewing skills, our course offers a comprehensive overview of life on board. Engage in hands-on activities, including sail setting, reefing, and helming, all while exploring the stunning coastline of Brac Island.

Practical Sailing Techniques:

Delve into the art of sailing with a focus on practical techniques. Our experienced instructors guide you through sail trimming, knot tying, and steering, ensuring you develop the skills needed to contribute effectively to the sailing team. Gain confidence in your abilities as you navigate the Adriatic, experiencing the thrill of harnessing the power of the wind.

Safety at Sea:

Prioritize safety at sea with our dedicated module on essential safety practices. Learn the importance of teamwork in emergency situations, practice man-overboard drills, and understand the use of safety equipment. Our RYA Competent Crew Course instills a culture of safety, empowering you to face challenges with resilience and competence.

RYA Competent Crew

RYA Competent Crew

Navigational Mastery:Navigation Fundamentals:

Navigate the seas with precision as you delve into the fundamentals of navigation. From chart work to understanding tidal patterns, our course equips you with the knowledge needed to navigate coastal waters confidently. Enhance your understanding of buoyage systems and gain the skills to contribute to the overall navigation plan.

Camaraderie and Beyond:

Beyond gaining your RYA Competent Crew certification, join a community of sailing enthusiasts. Forge lasting connections with fellow crew members, share experiences, and participate in exclusive events. Our commitment extends beyond the course, providing ongoing support to nurture your passion for sailing, making you not just a competent crew member but a lifelong sailor.

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Unleash your nautical potential with the RYA Powerboat Level 2 course. Gain the skills and confidence needed to navigate the open waters adeptly. Covering boat handling, navigation, safety, and seamanship essentials, this program is your key to maritime mastery. Elevate your boating expertise – enroll in RYA Powerboat Level 2 today and set sail for thrilling adventures on the water!

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