09. Do you think I will get seasick?

It is unlikely, but possible. Seasickness is caused by the yawing and rocking motion of a boat at sea whilst the occupants are focused mostly on the internal surroundings of the vessel.    

This causes the brain to receive conflicting signals from the eyes and ears – apparent stillness from the eyes, versus the apparent motion sensed by your inner-ear.  This discordance sends the body into an ‘alarm’ mode, producing the feeling of nausea. Motion sickness is most common in children between the ages of 3 and 12 years.

Because you are taking part in the sailing of the vessel, usually outside, rather than being a seated passenger the likelihood and effects of seasickness are greatly reduced – in fact we almost never have any reported instances of motion sickness on an RYA Training course – but yet it remains one of the most often-asked questions!    In reality, seasickness occurs mostly in very rough conditions – not in the conditions we sail in.

In the event that you do suffer from seasickness it is likely that our RYA Instructors will return to port to let you recover, but our Professional Instructors are also trained and certified to administer various seasickness remedies, should this be required.    You may also bring your own seasickness solutions if you feel this is necessary.   Some seasickness tablets can cause drowsiness and you should always tell your RYA Instructor if you are taking any medication – even if it is not Prescription-Only Medication.

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