08. Is it good weather in Croatia during the sailing courses?

As our Sailing Area in the center of the Adriatic, the weather and temperature in this area can vary from high winds, rain and cold temperatures in the Winter season (Nov-Feb), to windless days with over 37°C heat in the Spring/Summer. Whilst we are are able to offer training throughout the 12-months, our RYA Practical Sail Cruising courses operate exclusively between Mid March and Early November. 

The weather we experience in Croatia is generally very good, with warm temperatures offshore breezes and occasional strong winds from the Bora, despite common misconceptions it is not sunny all the time

That being said, the weather can be changeable and can go from fine and sunny sailing weather, to strong Bora winds with slightly cooler temperatures, and then back again in the space of an hour – so bringing suitable clothing is advisable to avoid any showers.   

Expect stunning sunsets in the evenings and if your awake early enough expect swimming in the gorgeous sunrises. 

Make sure to bring suncream, sunglasses and a hat – at all times of year – as being out on the water can magnify the effects of the sun on your eyes and body.

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