07. What will the temperature be like onboard?

All our Sailing Yachts have warm, dry and comfy cabins and sitting areas, Some of our yachts do have fans but not all, they all do however have hatches to help with cooling through the height of the summer months and blankets during the early season months. 

During the height of summer it can get warm at night when on-board, and the cabins are equipped with opening hatches and windows to keep cool, fresh air flowing in, there is the possibility of sleeping on deck if preferred and feel free to bring a hammock that can be positioned from the head sail to the mast for a unique experience

In the height of the season (July / August) it can get warm but from years of sailing most people manage with the temperatures whilst onboard. 

If booking a private RYA training Yacht Charter you are able to request Air Conditioning at the time of booking – This can NOT be added later to a yacht and most yachts do NOT come with it as standard. Normally we find it isn’t required. However it is an option on some yachts but only at the time of booking as an extra. By standard our yachts do not have Air conditioning onboard and isn’t required.

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