06. What will the food be like?

On group courses your provisions contribution on day one goes towards your Breakfast and lunches onboard during practical sail cruising courses. So you can decide what you would like to eat throughout your course.

As part of the sailing experience breakfast and lunches making are made between the students onboard.

Menus and “Step by Step – How to Cook” recipes are available onboard and can also be accessed by following this link Food suggestions onboard The recipes are all Easy cook recipes that should take no longer than 30 – 40 minutes to prepare in the morning or at a lunch / Swim stop mid-day. 

If you are booking a private training yacht and there is a only 4 of you training you also have the option to book a hostess for your week that will do all of this for you: Price for a hostess is £1200 for the week and they will take care of all breakfast and lunches whilst you are onboard meaning you can relax and swim at the times you want too, OR catch up on learning you need too. (This can only be done with Private Training of 4 Students / Guests or less) due to maximum RYA numbers allowed onboard a training vessel. 

Further purchases can be made from local suppliers in the sailing area as the quality is excellent and it helps to support rural and island economies.

All Crew should take an active role in the catering and provisioning onboard as it is part of the RYA courses – known as ‘victualling’ as it teaches good practice about carrying appropriate supplies on-board, and how to prepare meals using the kitchen (or ‘galley’) facilities safely, whilst at sea.

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