10. What if I have dietary / health requirements, or special medication?

Many customers have specific dietary requirements or tastes, such as requiring wheat or gluten-free produce, or they need to ensure that they keep an allergy-safe diet, for example. At the time of booking we offer 3 options: 1. Meat, 2. Vegetarian and 3 Vegan: On top of that we also ask for any food allergies and food you can NOT eat. This allows us to make sure your food delivery at the beginning of the week will fit with the gusts onboard and menus can easily be adapted to what you all onboard will enjoy and be able to eat. As mentioned menus are suggestive and are not strict many dishes can can be created with the food provided and extra food can always be purchased by the instructor if required to cater for all.  

You can also bring your own supplies to keep in your cabin, or labelled separately and stored in our on-board refrigerator.    You should be aware, however, that due to the unique environment we operate in, we cannot absolutely guarantee that the food-preparation and consumption facilities will not have been used previously to prepare such produce.  In addition, we cannot guarantee that such facilities are suitable for faith-based food preparation regimens (e.g. Halal / Kosher) etc.

It is extremely important that you tell your RYA Course Instructor and mention it at booking if you have any allergies or other medical conditions that may affect your health and wellbeing whilst on-board a Yacht Sail Training RYA Practical Sail Cruising Course.

Having a medical condition, special medication or medical apparatus does not necessarily prevent you from participating fully in an RYA course, but you should talk to us before booking if you have any concerns.   

Previous customers have included those who have Type 1 Diabetes and require daily blood-tests and injections (including cold-storage of medication), sufferers of Sleep Apnea who use special equipment and those who require regular access to toilet facilities, especially at night.  We have even had some customers with artificial limbs – none of the above are barriers to full participation and our Professional RYA Instructors ensure everyone is included and catered for.

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