29. What is an ICC or International Certificate of Competence, and how do I get one?

The International Certificate of Competence or I.C.C. is otherwise known as the ‘Charter Licence’.  This is accepted pretty much internationally and generally allows you to charter sailing vessels up to 24 metres in length, either on a bareboat or flotilla-type charter.  You can also get an ICC for PowerBoats.

It is obtained by completing the I.C.C. Application Form and you will require the following:

1). Photocopy of your RYA Day Skipper (Coastal / Tidal) Certificate or Day Skipper Photo-ID Card;

2). Photocopy of your Passport Details / Photo Page;

3). Counter-Signed Passport-Sized Photograph;

4). The fee of £40.00 (free for RYA Members).

We recommend that you read all the available information on the I.C.C.    You can also access specific guidance about boating in individual countries.

  • Where do I find Yacht Sail Training?

For Yacht Sail Training:

Our RYA Practical Training Centre:

Marina Kastela

Cesta Franje Tuđmana 213

Kaštel Gomilica




T: +44 (0) 7401 872 889

Email: [email protected]

Get Directions to Marina Kastela – Use Google Maps

Map of Marina Kastela – See Link

Yacht Sail Training works closely with NOA Yachting in Marina Kastela, However depending on the week you book please check your booking and confirmation forms which will give you joining instructions for the yacht you will be on for your week. 

Marina Kastela has a lovely large café with a lot of seating outside dock C. Where we usually will meet up with students prior to boarding the yacht for your course. Our instructors and team will be wearing Yacht Sail Training Company T-shirts and normally stand out so feel free to say hello. There is free Wifi available in the café in the marina.

However please do check your booking confirmation email for precise instructions, If known we will also confirm the dock the yacht is positioned on. 

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