41. What Financial Protection does Yacht Sail Training offer?

Yacht Sail Training offers a robust financial protection system to help protect our customers and provide vital re-assurance.

We recognise that our customers want peace-of-mind that their money is secure when making a payment for something in advance – when you make a payment via Credit or Debit Card, Cash, Cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer to Yacht Sail.

This money remains yours and you can request a full refund at any time, up until 90 days prior to your course / experience start-date.   Any non-refundable Gift Vouchers are excluded from this, but this will be stated on the voucher, and made clear prior to purchase.

We believe in a business which can be both ethical and profitable 

This means that we do not use your deposits to fund the on-going operation of the business, and so we are not dependent on making future ‘sales’ to cover our potential liabilities to you should you need to cancel your booking – your money is kept in a protected account until after you have received the service.

Where other businesses are reliant on making ‘sales’ and taking advance deposits to pay for the on-going running costs of staff, buildings, facilities etc – we are a financially healthy organisation with no debts, and our overheads are paid for out of diligent savings.

We understand that this way of working is unique to Yacht Sail Training in the UK RYA Training Industry, and hope this represents our commitment to, and respect for, Ethical Business Practices. 

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