42. What Is Your Cancellation / Covid Policy?

You have an absolute right to cancel your booking, without providing a reason, and receive a full refund at any time up until 120 days prior to your course / experience start-date.

Cancellation or refund requests received within the 120-day period may also be accommodated, if we can replace your booking with another (from our waiting list, for example) but we are not obliged to do this.

This is because your cancellation at such short-notice may make it financially unviable, or impractical, to run a course-date without your booking – meaning that we could have to cancel on the other customers already booked, and let them down too.

We think that 120-days is generally enough time for us to find another customer to replace your booking, but if you need to cancel or change dates, please try and let us know as early as possible so that we can start to find another customer to take your space. Thanks!

COVID-19 Cancellation’s and Rebooking:

If up to 14 days prior to an individual course or private yacht training booking: Croatia closes borders or Client / students country closes there borders OR quarantine is obligatory upon return from Croatia regardless of COVID-19 test. 

Students who have booked an individual course or private yacht training are entitled to:

• rebook same course in 2021 or 2022 that is priced similarly (subject to availability)* or
• rebook to a different course of equivalent price in different period in 2021 or 2022 (subject to availability)* or
• receive a credit note (voucher) valid for season 2021 or 2022. 

RE-BOOKING (1 Year Later)

Is allowed up to 90 days prior to the individual course or private yacht training, Students / clients can choose one of these options:

• change individual course or private yacht training period with no extra charge for the same season*

• change the individual course or private yacht training to a different course in the same season*

*if re-booked course or private yacht training or week  is higher in price the difference must be made up but if the rebooked course has a lower price than what was originally booked, original price will be due; no refunds will be made.

Re-Booking For A Second Year.

If for any reason the Client is not able to realise the charter (the Client who has already used the voucher or has rescheduled the charter from 2020 to 2021) it is possible to reschedule the charter in the season 2022 by paying a fixed rebooking fee of 400,00 € (non refundable).

The receipt of the rebooking fee confirms the cancellation of existing booking and rescheduling for the season 2022.

Fixed rebooking fee is charged as a separate payment and can not be charged from a voucher.


Cancel before 120 days of booking for a full refund

Cancellation after 120 days but before 90 days of booking commencement receive a 60% refund

Cancellation after 90 days but before 30 days of booking receive 30% refund

Cancellation within 30 days of course start date 0% refund allowed. (Unless covid restrictions are applied above) 
Cancellation is allowed with a full refund up until 120 days prior to the course start date. 

(P.S. – Most other companies only offer limited refunds if you cancel your booking – at any time!) 

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