33. What happens when I arrive?

We generally meet at the Yacht on the first day of your course (Please check your confirmation email for yacht name, dock or office to attend to board) you will be required to sign-in and complete a short form, to ensure that the details we have for you are correct.

If you are arriving for a practical sailing or powerboat course, you will be introduced / meet your Course Instructor, and he / she will welcome you and start to give you some information about the upcoming experience.

Once everyone has arrived, you will got through a safety briefing so it is important to listen carefully.

Don’t worry at this stage if you’re nervous – the RYA Courses are just that – enjoyable learning experiences – it’s not an exam or a test so listen carefully to the Course Instructor and relax!

For RYA Practical Sailing Courses, the first day / evening is normally spent getting to know the yacht getting you settled into your cabins / berths, safety briefings and for you to get an idea of where you will be sailing, and what you will be doing for the rest of your course.

On the first day of arrival (See booking information), It is a good idea to have had breakfast before turning up, There will be food available on the yacht and coffee, Tea etc but by the time safety briefings have been completed you may find you are a little hungry and it is almost Lunch time

There are supermarkets in NCM Marina Milna and also a few cafes closer to the town.

For shore based theory and short specialist courses, the courses will start right-away and the member of staff who meets you will likely also be the Course-Instructor, and you will receive the same standard of welcome and introduction. Please Check your joining confirmation for full joining instructions. 

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