26. Will the others know each other already if I come alone?

It’s unlikely. Most of our customers book as individuals or couples.  Those that book as groups or families tend to book as a PYT – Private Yacht Training.    This means they have booked an entire boat just for their group.

Many customers have told us that they are apprehensive about turning up, and perhaps not knowing anyone else or fearing that the others have vastly more experience than them.    The reality is that everyone else is probably feeling the same thing and you are all likely to have similar interests and experiences.

The first part of an RYA Practical Sailing or PowerBoat course is for the RYA Course Instructor to address you all, and have a little ‘icebreaker’ session.    We regularly see people arrive at our centre for check-in looking a little nervous – within about 30 minutes everybody is having a laugh together and getting ready for boarding!

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