Sailing Holidays for families. Learn to sail and enjoy a holiday with your family without all the distractions of land.

A sun down drink sipped at the stern of a sailing yacht, while looking out over the clear blue water, is most definitely a magical experience for all the family. A new feeling arrives once you board a yacht in Croatia. Located in the middle of the Adriatic Sea. Whether it’s the gentle motion, the noise of water lapping against the hull, the halyards tapping gently on the mast around you in the marina – we let out imagination wander with the thoughts of freedom to go wherever you wish. Or to find the ultimate privacy that sailing into a quiet bay offers, it is a special experience. And one that most people want to return to again and again.

But a sailing holiday on a yacht to the uninitiated can be a scary prospect – learning a whole new “boat” language can quickly put people off taking the step to try a sailing holiday. What do they mean by charter? Does everyone need a skipper? I want a holiday so don’t want a lot of hard work? maybe the costs will be high? Is it safe for families? it no less safe than being on land when you have experienced crew with you. Our Sailing packages are amazingly flexible, there is always something for everyone. Your family can get as involved as they want. If you want to become a skipper of your own yacht in the future or just want to come along to snorkel in the clear waters of Croatia.

Where is the Home base?:

From our home base in Marina Kastela, Split Croatia we are literally on the door step to some of the most gorgeous islands all within a short sail or even motor away.

Will I need to be an experienced sailor? NO you do not as what we offer is a chance to learn all of the basics of sailing with one of our professional Yacht Skippers or RYA Instructors throughout your time onboard so you can experience it all without any stress or worry. We offer family sailing holiday packages that have all the costs included over 5/6/7 or even 14 days on the water.

Is It Easy To Live On A Yacht For A Week?:

Living on a yacht for a week or two most definitely means exploring. But also means taking your accommodation with you – meaning none of the packing and unpacking every day just simply step off the yacht in a new destination or new island every evening.

During the day swim in secluded bays straight off the back of the yacht. It is like having a swimming pool with you at all times. So why try sailing? Lets be honest once you can sail you can literally sail almost anywhere in the world.

Are there Many Islands in Croatia?

In Croatia alone there are over 1000 islands to explore, and taking to the water offers a unique way of exploring them. Find bays and ports away from the main tourist destinations – places that you may not reach easily from land especially with younger ones.

What Are The Costs?

But will it cost a fortune? that is definitely a myth. It may not be the cheapest of family holidays, however if you consider everything included, with your accommodation, provisions, mooring fees and more.

With breakfasts and lunches onboard, allowing a new view everyday you start to see the cost savings you make immediately. Rather than going out to eat in cafes, restaurants or bistros each day with your family.

So no it really doesn’t need to cost the earth – And to be truethful sailing on a yacht with your family can work out cheaper than a hotel or villa. We sell a range of sailing holiday packages that include everything. We also offer RYA training; for your family so you can become confident to sail off. Charter your own yacht with your family and not need a professional paid skipper onboard.

Can We Just Charter Our Own Boat or Yacht?:

Yes we also offer Yacht Charter bareboat deals. But we find families on holiday are wanting to learn and like to take a lot of the worries away. Including food being on the yacht when they arrive, beds made, coffee warm in the morning. Not only that by having a skipper onboard you will have a personal guide of the islands you visit.

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