Hello, And Welcome Onboard. 

We look forward to having you onboard and making your training with Yacht Sail Training a success! 

THANK YOU FOR BOOKING With Yacht Sail training.

This page is to give you joining instructions, packing tips, travel tips for your course. 



Forms Access Link: https://yachtsailtraining.com/student-area/  

Password: YSTstudent

BOARDING TIME (5 Day Courses): 9:30am on the first day of your course we meet at the yacht that will be located on the main dock in Marina Kanarija. 

(Yacht name and dock provided closer to course start date via WhatsApp). 

Most likely it will be Sailing Yacht: Belina and located on the main dock in Marina Kanarija. 


If you have not already done so and are struggling to make payment, please contact us: 


  • Please make sure you arrive at Marina Kanarija (NCM Marina) In Milna on Brač Island with plenty of time, all taxi drivers on Brač island should know where it is, if not there is a map below with the address and a phone number to call.
  • The currency in Croatia is now in Euros. 
  • Student check-in and bag drop is 9:30am at the Yacht(s) On the Course commencement Day. The Yacht can be found in Marina Kanarija (NCM marina) – 
  • Taxis to Milna from Supetar Ferry Port cost around €45 each way alternatively there is a direct ferry from Split Old town to Milna on Brač Island and then a 15-minute walk around to Marina Kanarija. Please check the times to make sure you don’t miss them. 
  • If using Taxis in mainland Croatia, we recommend using Uber as they are often half the price of local taxis – So download and register with the Uber app prior to the course. Sadly, Uber has not reached the islands of Croatia just yet but at Supetar ferry port there are several taxi companies advertised around the ferry port. (Note: if you are coming by car you will have to go via Supetar) Foot passengers only on the fast cat direct to Milna on Brač Island. 
  • When you arrive, if you are taking a taxi have your driver either take you to ACI Marina and walk through ACI to Marina Kanarija or there is also a drop off point next to Allen Supermarket in Marina Kanarija where you can drop off your luggage and meet your crew. 
  • For RYA Day Skipper & RYA Coastal Skipper Practical Courses – Please bring with you a passport sized photo for your certificate.
  • The Yacht name you will be on will be confirmed closer to your start date via WhatsApp. (Please submit your WhatsApp number when completing your crew list information) 
  • Group WhatsApp will be opened the night before you join your course and will also have your instructor in the group also. Note your instructor may still be busy with previous course so they may not be able to answer any questions immediately. However, the office will also be in the group, and we can answer any questions for you also. Feel free to message direct to the office also if it is anything more personal you don’t wish to share in the group.
  • If you require marina instructions / directions when you’re in Croatia, please either contact us through WhatsApp +44 (0) 7401 872 889 or on the phone at +385 (0) 99 5244 402 to speak to one of Yacht Sail Training team
  • A starter pack of provisions will be provided with the basics: Oil, Salt, Pepper, Toilet rolls, Water, Coffee & Tea, Fruit Juice, and some light snacks. Food making and provisioning is shared by all students. 
  • Please have your joining Float kitty money ready in Cash when joining the yacht so we can open the boat kitty. (€130 per person or €630 for a private Training Yacht) To cover Provisions for all onboard and Marinas throughout your course. 
  • The Boat Kitty (Float) €130 per person OR €630 for Private Yacht Training in cash (Euros). Should more than cover all your food provisions and marina stays throughout your course. Any remaining boat float money at the end of your course is shared equally between students onboard. Please keep all receipts from purchases and return any money and receipts to the boat float wallet so you can tally it up at the end of the course if needed. (Note: the boat float and provision purchasing are joint control of all students and instructor). We suggest cooking family style onboard together at the same time.  
  • Yacht Sail Training will supply some easy recipe suggestions onboard also, these are only tried and tested easy recipes. Living, cooking, and provisioning onboard is all part of the course that includes provisioning and taking turns to make food for all. 
  • Evening meals are generally enjoyed ashore, but you are welcome to cook onboard if you all prefer, there are some amazing restaurants at every port and of course your welcome to cook for yourselves onboard also. 

(Please note: Alcohol Should be kept to a minimum onboard and not during actual training).

  • If you have children onboard during the training, please make sure they are looked after. It is not the instructor’s responsibility to babysit them. 
  • Milna and many ports normally have several bakeries for breakfasts and within Milna on your first day you have 3 supermarkets within short walking distance from Marina Kanarija to purchase enough provisions for the first couple of days once you all decide on your planned route and what you would like to eat.
  • WIFI will be available on the yacht throughout your training. However please refrain from sitting on your phone during training as it often puts other students off and the learning process will be slowed down.
  • WIFI Onboard: MW40V_8BBF / Password: 94555810
  • As a company we use WhatsApp a lot – We do advise you to download it prior to the course as we will make a YST WhatsApp Training Group for your time onboard – This enables you to keep in touch with your instructor, share training information, photos, find the yacht etc… 
  • It is always useful for catching up with the students ashore during an evening or if you remember you need something from a shop. Please make sure we have your correct WhatsApp Number. 
  • If you don’t have WhatsApp and you are happy to download it – please email it once, you have downloaded it and we will add you to the YST Yacht WhatsApp Group in advance of your arrival. 


  • We advise everyone to at least bring a warm jacket as it can get a little bit cool in the evenings or when out sailing. If this is also waterproof it is an advantage. 

Early season (Feb – May) sailing and late sailing season (Sept – Dec) can often be cooler so we do advise to bring at least a couple of pairs of long trouser and a bit more layers.  

  • Please use soft bags for luggage where possible as space is often limited onboard and hard-shell suitcases take up a lot of room onboard.
  • We do also get storms in Croatia, so a wet weather jacket is advisable in the early and late season. Just in case. If this is a sailing one great if not, any slightly waterproof jacket will suffice. Your instructor will have his own wet weather kit, if things really get wet then you can of course hide from the rain inside. The yacht does have a Bimini / Sun cover and spray dodger. 
  • Swimwear is advised as there will be opportunities to swim and enjoy the week between training sessions if desired. (1 Hand Towel & 1 larger Shower Towel are provided per person) – We suggest brining a beach towel or a quick dry towel. Beach Towel Hire is possible from our office in marina Kanarija. 
  • Bedding is provided onboard for all guests – if you require extras, please let us know before you arrive so we can prepare – there will be a fee to pay for extra bedding.
  • Paddle boards do not come as standard on YST yachts however if you do wish to have one onboard, we can arrange an ISUP – priced at €95 per course. This MUST be booked a minimum of 2 weeks in advance – Please let us know in advance if you do wish to book one as availability is limited. If it is within 2 weeks drop us a email and we can try and work something out. 
  • Storage is limited in the Marina. But there are some large storage lockers in the bow of the yacht for items you may not need access to every day. 
  • Please bring your Theory course material if booked on Day Skipper / Coastal or Yacht master courses (Books and training charts). As they are often good to refer too during the week. There will be copies onboard but 1 between all students is often not enough.
  • RYA Yacht master Logbooks are available to purchase from our office if you decide you would like one and you did not add it when purchasing the course online. Priced at €15 and are great for keeping a record of your miles and qualifications ongoing. If you already purchase one when booking the course this will be already waiting for you on the yacht when you join. Your instructor will have it. 
  • We have a good supply of practical course books for all courses onboard the yacht and enough for you each to use and read during training. We have chosen not to offer the Practical course books for free mainly as an eco-friendlier solution. You will find all books available as e-books through the RYA e-book website. https://www.rya.org.uk/shop/ebook-info
  • Please consider bringing a reusable drinks bottle with you for water. (Preferably something that is not glass, so it doesn’t smash while sailing. These are often very useful while on deck. You will receive bottled water which comes in 7litre bottles during your time onboard, so it makes it easier while sailing to fill up a reusable bottle and keep rehydrated. 
  • Please bring some non-marking shoes with you also if you have them. In the hotter summer months bare foot is often easier, but there are plenty of places to stub your toe on yachts, so shoes are advisable.  
  • Shorts, Sun Cream, a hat that won’t blow away easily, sunglasses are all recommended items to bring with you also. 
  • You will have time ashore on an evening on several islands, so we do advise to bring casual evening clothing for dinning in – Cooking onboard on an evening if preferred is also allowed. 
  • Seasick tablets or other seasick remedies are often advised to bring as a precautionary measure onboard if you have suffered in the past.  


  • Onboard we will do everything we can to keep sailing safe. We are either outside the majority of the time or hatches (Windows) onboard are open if we are below deck for training purposes.
  • We have 4 separate heads (Toilets / Showers) onboard. Your instructor will advise if they all have holding tanks or not in your safety brief.  (Mentioning Toilets… Please remember – Toilet paper and sanitary products go in the bin supplied NOT in the actual toilets onboard as it will block them) Un-blocking onboard toilets cost’s around €250 per toilet (Heads).
  • Please bring a face mask with you as when ashore on an evening you may be required to wear it when entering shops or indoors. – Updated 28/03/23 – These are no longer required but may be required if you need to use a pharmacy. 
  • Feel free to wear face mask at all times if you wish. 
  • If anyone feels unwell, please report it to your instructor immediately. 
  • Please see the following links for further information on Covid policies in Croatia: 

https://www.croatia.hr/en-GB/coronavirus-2019-ncov-q-and-a/  https://www.safestayincroatia.hr/en  

  • Do not forget to check the country you are travelling from requirements before departing. As some require evidence of training or business at the destination country and also their own departure forms filled out in advance of arriving at the airport.

If you get stuck, please call your instructor (Details to follow separately closer to boarding date) (Mobile & WhatsApp) Who will already be in the marina. 

When you’re in the marina Kanarija, there is free WIFI. You can log onto the network called Kanarija Free and the password is: Nautic47

You may need to be closer to the Marina office to pick it up and there is usually a sign on the marina office door as it occasionally changes throughout the season. 

Travelling to Milna Brač Island

Information can be found on our website: 

Follow this Link: Travelling Options to Milna, Brac Island

Yacht Sail Training – Office & Classroom

In 2023 we have taken on a new office located next to Supermarket Allen first one after the marina barrier. 

If your course is one of first of the season the office may still be being refurbished so we meet at the yacht rather than the office. 

New signage and internal building work should be completed in May and you are more than welcome to say hello at the office also. But feel free to contact us via WhatsApp or by phone if you need any directions. 

Marina Address:

Nautical Centre Milna (Marina Milna Kanarija)

Address:Brdo I 20, 21405, Milna

Marina Office: 095 376 5001

Yacht Sail Training Contact Details: 

WhatsApp: +44 (0) 7401 872 889 

Mobile: +385 (0) 99 5244 402

Mobile: +385 (0) 91 763 4261

Email: info@YachtSailTraining.com

Website: www.YachtSailTraining.com

Pre-Course Requirements can be found on the RYA website at the below link: 

Follow This Link: Pre Course Requirements

We look forward to meeting you and spending a glorious time sailing the Dalmatian coast!

Any questions please get in touch.