Only do this when ship SINKING underneath, 

BUT preparations can be made.

Fill Grab Bag (behind Chart seat & add contents as per list inside)

Radio Distress                                      Deploy fender circle for protection                                  Jettison cushions etc as trace                Set off EPIRB  


Hand held VHF                                     Whistle Sea Survival Handbook

Wear extra clothes                                Medication                                                                                Water                                                   Food                                                                                                Log Book                                              Consider dinghy & outboard                                           Survival bags                                        Lifejackets (keep dry)

Passports,                                            money,                                                                                    credit card,                                            camera (take photos)                                                     valuables          

Prepare Liferaft – contents:  

2 Parachute Flares, 3 red, 1 buoyant, but bring more

            2 Mirrors                                               2 Whistles

            2 Rescue Signals Cards                        First Aid Kit

            Anti-Sea sickness tablets                       Torch

            Rescue Quoit                                        Safety Knife

            2 Drogues                                             2 Paddles

            2 Sponges                                            Bailer

            Repair Kit                                             Hand Pump

            Raft Operating Instructions                    Sea Survival Instructions

            6 Seasickness Bags                              2 Owners Manuals

            Wet Notebook                                       Log Book

Radar Reflector                                     2 Thermal Protective Aids

To Deploy Life raft

Cut Restraining strap, if necessary

Attach Painter (rope) to deck – should be done already

            Remove Life raft & launch downwind

Move life raft to leeward side of boat

            Pull painter then tug to inflate

Board with lifejackets on, then cut line, paddle away at least mast length & deploy sea anchor

Final part of rescue can be tricky


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