First Aid

Skipper & First Mate’s Check List

           Symptoms                                Risk                      Action

MOB – Secondary DrowningLung membranes clog up to 48 hrs afterwards Call Coastguard
Cold water immersionShock & post immersion collapse No vertical lifts
Choking  Obtain consent to back slaps-abdominal thrusts
Paleness, cold, fast/shallow breath, fast weak pulseShock Treat cause, lie down, raise legs, loosen tight clothes, keep warm & reassure
Sea SicknessBrain thinks poisoned Sedative, warm below
FracturesStructural damage & support lost Keep casualty still & maintain support
Cold InjuryHypothermia Cold quick OK warm quick e.g. shower. No CPR for hypothermia or bottle
Face injury Arms (can’t lift) SlurringTime for ambulanceStroke with blood clot to brain Speedily call Coastguard
Head InjuryBreathing, compression concussion Unresponsive – call Coastguard
BurnsProtective skin removed Irrigate under tap 10minsClingfilm then bandage
BleedingUnnoticed internally Check wound then tie bandage & casualty applies pressure
No breathingHeart attack Need Defibrillator quickly
Request permission before handling casualtyAssault Only Epipen for anaphylactic attack can be applied without consent

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