18. Will I be safe on-board?

Yes.    Powerboating and the Sail Scheme are inherently safe sport when carried out in the proper way – which a Yacht Sail training RYA Training Course always is, when being led by a competent and professional Skipper and RYA Instructor.

We recognize that many customers, particularly those new to boating, may be apprehensive about going to sea on what is considered a ‘small vessel’ (under 24 metres), and we do all we can to allay those fears – mostly that’s done through a thorough explanation and safety-briefing, as well as actually going out on the water and getting on with the power boating – this is the best way to alleviate concerns, and have a good time.

All our Sailing Yachts and powerboats are modern Vessels and, as such, are subject to very stringent equipment and safety requirements with regular inspections administered by the RYA and Ministry of Maritime Affairs in Croatia, which is an Executive Agency of the Department for Transport.   This also applies to our safety management systems and standard operating procedures – the safety and comfort of our customers is paramount, and we have a special internal company system for ensuring that financial matters can NEVER take precedence over safety.

All safety equipment required is supplied to you as part of the course fee, and is regularly tested and independently serviced and certified by outside maritime safety organizations.    

In addition, all our RYA Recognition Certificates, Inspection Reports, Staff Qualifications and Company Insurance Documents can be inspected by any customer upon request – in many cases copies are held on-board our vessels also and are easily accessible in folders – you do not have to ask permission in advance to open these folders, and we encourage it.

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