Check-in of a yacht is usually in the late afternoon between 17:00h / 18:00h. The check-out time is the following Saturday at 08:00 or 09:00 in the morning however the yacht MUST be moored in its home port the Friday night before by 17:00 after a refuelling has been carried out. Most bases do request a return of the yacht on the evening before check-out morning which will be specified in the charter contract accordingly.
We need the time in between two charters in order to clean and prepare the yachts ensuring you a fully maintained and impeccable yacht. It happens very often that the check-in can be arranged earlier than specified in the contract, but due to we are obligated by the contract times guaranteeing the latest check-in times, such different times cannot be confirmed by YST Yachting in advance neither predicted.
Should you have unfavourable flight details or arriving times, most marinas have baggage drop locations and towns you can enjoy nearby the marinas.

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