10. What If I Like The Crew and Want To Use Them Regularly?

All our crew are available and also happy to work under other circumstances other than just delivery jobs with a lot of our skippers who already work busy charter season or are professional instructors around the world on all types of yachts. All our skippers are obliged once booked initially with YST Yachting to book through YST Yachting again for future jobs this is not only to protect skippers but also to protect boat owners for all future work, saving a lot of extra communication and to work as an intermediate if anything was to go wrong – YST Yachting provide unbiased views on yachting situations to work through anything that may happen. So we always recommend contacting YST Yachting first who will make contact with any skippers so that we can get the best deals and security for both parties.

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