Planning For 2019 Season In Full Swing

What are winters for if not sailing? – 2019 season is being planned for now. With some exciting charters, great deals and new training school.

So What happens in the winters? 

No we don’t all take the winter off and go ski-ing? No not all of us sail across the Atlantic and follow the sun!.. Well to be fair some of us do and some of us even take you with us. with our delivery trips as we need to move these boats around at times and what better way to build your sea miles the with experienced crew with warm surroundings following the sun?.

So what have we planned for 2019? Well Yacht Sail Training for one, Yes its happening, its starting and its coming to Croatia. One of the most recognised yacht training programmes in the world is setting up base in Split Croatia, and were not just a Training school we have a lot more to offer and alot more opportunities when training with us as we are alway on the look out for well trained skippers and hostesses in our charter business also. 

What can you expect from us in 2019?.

  • New training school 
  • great training centre
  • Easy access to great accommodation if your undertaking a shore based course.
  • Great well maintained yachts to take on your practical course
  • Experienced professional crew and staff.
  • The courses you want (if there is a course we don’t offer ASK)
  • Not only RYA – were going all the way.

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Want to be a professional Skipper? – fancy earning up-to €1200 euros a week on standard yachts with guests who want to enjoy there holiday – then look no further.

Sailing in Croatia is one of the most experienced and professional sailing grounds and the Croatians know how to work with yachts. Fast Problem solving and help on hand at all times to keep the sails flying and the boats on the water. 

Except for 50+ knot winds then there is almost nothing that will stop us enjoying the great sailing grounds of croatia. Your safety is our main priority and there is so many places in Croatia with the 1000+ islands we can take cover. 

But there is always a training side to watching the weather and all students will be involved in this, not one will we teach you how to moor a boat and sail a bot BUT we will also teach you how to look out for the inevitable and the problems. Sailing is the easy part… predicting and knowing what weather and conditions are coming is often the hard part. 

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