School Set-up Commences!

One of the best sailing ground in the world. 1000+ islands to discover, gorgeous seas and a good mix of weather conditions.

Why Croatia? – What was the need to set-up here?

Croatia.. Have you been?, Have you tried it? Maybe you have maybe you have not.

This has to be one of the most amazing spots in Europe to sail Yachts.. This place is one of the top spots for sailing in 2018. There are over 1000+ islands dotted around the Croatian coast and each island has an awful a lot of gorgeous bays to visit and practise in. You want to master Med mooring.. its everywhere here, You want to go alongside – we have more spaces to practice in than most places, You need to brush up on your anchoring skills? we have the best bays for you to make mistakes.


On top of all of this most of the year the temperature is 15 degrees + the water is still swimmable almost all year round and the sun shines a lot of the time. 

Not only that BUT there is actually wind here.. And good wind that will let you practise your skills well. Research the Bura, Cirocco or even the Mistral this are gets some great winds and not only that we have alot fo local winds coming from the mountainous areas of Split, Croatia. 

What do you expect to find in Kastella, Split, Croatia?

  • Often the unknown – So we need to keep on top of it. 
  • Yachts that are looked after and maintained well – No expense spared.
  • Bays that are amazing to have your breaks in.
  • Adventure and new islands to visit.
  • And ofcourse the amazing friendly Croatians not only in the marinas but around the islands we have some amazing restaurants for crew nights out.

Let not forget we cant guarantee the winds BUT for the reason they can be so strong and it can go from zero to 70 knots in the spate of 10 minutes this means we need to keep an eye on this and this is part of any new students job, all students need to be involved in the weather as even a short distance from shore on a boat can make a big difference.


Winds from Zero to 70 knots in 10 minutes – we all need to be prepared for this – and we need to take in the signs.

So what better place is there to train? – the heart of the Adriatic coast. expect the unexpected at times BUT also under the professional guidance of your tutors.

Why would you not consider Croatia? – maybe you are on a yacht already? and you want to improve your skills. Well were here for you Get in touch and we will see what we can do to get your training level improved.

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