2018 Season Comes to an End

So You’re Not A Sailor, And The Idea Of Sailing Scares You. It Shouldn’t. It Turns Out Learning Basic Sailing Skills is actually quite easy. Like Alot From Our 2018 Season Found.

As some of you know our sister company is Med Sailing Holidays.

2018 Season has come to an end for our sister charter company.

Fun times had by all, great sailing, lots of fun nights out and lots and lots fo new friends made from around the world.

Just a heads up to all of you looking to sail Croatia on a more leisurely basis than the fun intensity of our sailing courses then head over to Med Sailing Holidays to check out our availability.

Some of the highlights we have listed in the post, great breakfast and lunch every day for the seven days onboard.

Some of the highlights of Med Sailing Holidays

  • New Port every night
  • Visit some of the most famous islands in the region
  • Breakfast and lunch provided onboard
  • Swim in crystal blue waters every lunch time
  • Skipper & Hostess provided on each boat.

2018 season is definitely not one to forget.

What makes our RYA training more unique?.

We bring a lot of what we have learned int he charter world and brought it to the training world.

Dont think you will be slumming it with Yacht Sail Training, YES we admit there won’t be a hostess onboard this week unless you want to pay for an extra one. But what we do have is everything catered for – food arrives on departure day, boars come with fresh clean linen, blankets and towels.

All the ports we visit offer shower facilities and somewhere to get yourselves a good evening meal.

Cleaning at the end of the week is looked after by us so not deep cleaning needed by the crew – but a clean boat is a happy boat lets not forget.

And not only that we know the best places to stay in Croatia – the best spots to practice mooring and we know the right people and the right marinas that will allow us to teach you the skills you need thats what comes with working in the charter industry as well as in the training industry.

So what are you waiting for? If you have any questions about our course – either drop us a message or give us a call.


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