Yacht Preparation For Sea

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Most of us know what should be done before we take a yacht to sea – But not every new recruit.

So they day started and we will met at the marina sipping coffees in the marina cafe for a breakdown of what we need to make sure is ok on the yachts.

We know ourselves how well we keep the company yachts but this wasn’t training for the company this was training for new crew and to make someone confident in a boat they must get to know the boat and what better way to do this than to strip the boat down and get into all the corners.

There were 5 new crew this week some who had sailed before some it was there first time on a yacht – so this was definitely going to be a good experience for them.

So often people charter yachts but never check the yacht out fully – and so often people train to sail a boat but do not know how a lot of items on a boat work until they need too.

Today our plan was the following:

  • Make a plan of where everything was on the yacht.
  • Go through the main parts of the boat demonstrate to each person how they work.
  • Attach the sails for the season ahead
  • Check the windlass and marking sort he chain
  • Full engine checks
  • Bilge check and cleaning
  • Understanding of Emergency equipment
  • Electronics
  • Finding all the sea cocks
  • Finding all the batteries

So we downed our coffee and headed off to the yacht, each taking turns to explore certain areas – asking questions and getting advice from each other.

We were all given the task of explaining one aspect of the yacht to the best of our knowledge to the other crew.

We send one fo the dock crew up the mast.

Success – informative and knowledgeable day had for all, Yacht is ready for sea and departure will happen tomorrow.

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