Crew Search Adriatic Coast!

Ever Wished You Could Sail More? You Can And Its All Depending On How You Choose To Manage Your Time.

You would think finding port in the Adriatic would be easy – BUT to find the most picturesque ports is more fun than a challenge.

Setting off from our home base with six new to sailing crew onboard we leave kastella’s main bay heading towards Brac one of the famous islands for a ideal get away for some of the rich and famous.

All of the crew taking the helm as we pull the sails out in 15 knots of wind on a close haul – full sails out and were getting a good 9 knots of speed on one of the companies Beneteau Oceanis 49’s.

These are great boats 5 cabins comfortable and sail well – very beamy and easily managed – excellent for training larger numbers but having the comfort on board also.

The plan for the next few days:

  • Get the crew confident with tacks and jibe’s
  • Get a better understanding of sail trimming
  • How to anchor like a boss
  • Enjoy some swimming and some great bays
  • Find some new ports to stop in for the coming seasons

So we tacked our way to towards Brac – Milna our destination for the night with the willing crew onboard we threw in a couple of man overboard under sail to test the crew which went down well and not a jibe in sight.

Just outside Milna we found a perfect little bay to test our anchoring skills with 2 crew member on the bow.

Anchored for lunch before we carry on with more training for the crew.

The 5 days carried on in similar ways testing the boats skills and pushing her as much as we could the wind died mid week but by the end of the week it was gusting 25 knots and we were getting close on 11 knots out of the yacht with all crew on deck.

Overall a fantastic 5 day trip and some amazing new bays and anchor stops found by the crew.

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